Woman With Infected Butt Implants Has Infection Drained

Woman With Infected Butt Implants Has Infection Drained

Kim K has been having a rough go lately. First she gets her wedding ring stolen and robbed at gunpoint in France, and now her huge ass is leaking like oil from a Ford. Poor Kim. Plus the whole she’s still married to Kanye thing. Okay, maybe it’s not really Kim K but it’s some idiot that thought putting breast implants in your ass was going to be a great idea. Turned out wonderfully for her. Now she has a big ass and a nasty infection. Way to go, ho.

Thanks to @mrspink

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35 thoughts on “Woman With Infected Butt Implants Has Infection Drained

  1. @yournextexgirl HaHa! That does look like KK’s big ol’ booty. There was a pic that was out of her popping a bottle of champagne. The stream went up in the air into a glass balancing on her ass, as if were a table. I’ve seen horses with smaller asses than Kim’s 😉

    • ..the ingrowing hair (often the cause) can bore itself long into the flesh..right up the back, causing a huge sinus which can(will) periodically or constantly become infected and fill with the vilest stinking rotting flesh and puss.
      This is why we see the nurse massaging from high in the womans back to push the puss towards the sinus opening in the tailbone/arse crack area.

      VERY common. the medically qualified ladies/gents on RGM will confirm this – and i dare say will be able to provide more/better info

      • I had a pilonidal sinus years ago. The gunk that came out smelled horrible! It was a grey/brown color, though, not red like hers. It really sucked having to have it packed and unpacked with iodine gauze strips. The doctors showed my husband how to do it at least, and I didn’t have to pay to have them do it for months while it healed.
        I’d have to either get in a doggy-style position or lay on my stomach and hold my cheeks apart with my hands…. it was not comfortable, and quite humiliating. Luckily I haven’t had any recurrences, and it’s been 10+ years now. I actually think that wearing thongs was a big factor for me, I had just recently started wearing them. Haven’t since.
        My sinus didn’t go towards my back though, it stayed in the right inner cheek area.

    • A case of bad affliction there bro @karmen40
      Its not how we need to fake our appearances with ; and try being crowd pullers /show stoppers .
      The nature has bestowed each one of us with our own individuality
      and how even the surgeons gave it a go is even more surprising cause if its so then this has to be the rarest of the rare case which qualifies for a solid boot kick to her nastily infected arse to have every little drop of puss oozing out from all her orifices .

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