Man Dies At Home and is Partially Eaten by Dog

Man Dies At Home and is Partially Eaten by Dog

A man died at his home on the couch (looks like Brazil) and was found with his crotch and legs ripped open. The man’s dog is alleged to have started eating him when he hadn’t been fed, consuming the man’s junk and the meat on his inner thighs. That’s the story but what say you? I think maybe the dog was set up and it was really his wife or girlfriend that got a little carried away during sexy time.

Just remember boys and gores, your beloved animal will eat your ass, too if you should die and be unable to feed them. I have a cat and I’m actually afraid she’ll do it while I’m still alive, she looks at me kinda funny sometimes…

Thanks Pinky!

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54 thoughts on “Man Dies At Home and is Partially Eaten by Dog

  1. In his case his best friend turned out to be his worst friend. and that’s the way it goes . when you feed them not.
    But looking at the pics are enough of an hint ….. that this dog seemed fond of everything meaty and he for sure as hell is gonna come around to chomp on the rest of him especially the parts around his butt where the butt cheeks always are more meatier than the rest of the body parts even for a man of his skeletal, frame work ..
    Good Boy ………………🐕
    I for one appreciate the canine to have favored this piece of shit cause in any case he would have died of extreme hunger himself

    Love and cuddle them …….so you’re eaten not
    ar rooff ar rooff ar rooff

    • @blucon Haha! Bro, you just get out of lockup? Haven’t seen you around lately but then I black out from time to time. πŸ˜‰ Yup that’s me on Saturday night after two beers, on the couch in my jockey shorts oblivious to the hounds of hell biting away where it counts. πŸ˜‰

      • @BornToRun Bro .. ye know its fun being around and not remaining signed in .
        But that rarely does happen since this gore addiction draws us in after a couple of posts and I feel one comes more rejuvenated after a short blackout.

        Hahaha !! and I thought you’d settle for no less than half a crate of beer as Saturday and Sundays are the most fab days in a week and I prefer letting my hair down that way but watchful and never oblivious just incase bro .!

  2. We all know how loyal dogs are and for it to turn on its owner like that it must have been literally starving. It thought it was getting a tasty meal but in reality he had just consumed a dick, but what a tasty dick it was. A meal to remember!

  3. Poor dude obviously had cancer or AIDS or something along those lines for him to have literally wasted away like that. Hope he was dead before the dog wanted some action since There is blood on the floor. Poor man suffered them had to have his dick eaten off by his own dog when he died or fell unconscious, what a way to go.

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