African Barbecued Inside a Tire

African Barbecued Inside a Tire

A man in Africa found himself the unfortunate victim of a good old fashioned tire lynching. We see the man writhing in pain against the flames, the tire holding him down, his flesh peeling off as bystanders gawk and video tape him. No telling what the man stands accused of or even if he is guilty, but it’s not a quick death, that’s for sure. Anyone who’s ever smelled burning tires knows how much they stink, imagine that shit being the last thing you ever smell. Although, a man in his position probably isn’t too concerned about his olfactory senses at this point.

Mad props to @mrspink!

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45 thoughts on “African Barbecued Inside a Tire

  1. For the size of him ; the tire in comparison seems too big a size for him to be necklaced with and therefore a good waste of synthetic rubber.
    Tires are synonymous to AFRICA when the word lynching comes to mind
    If it was a good wintery day then the choice made wasn’t that bad after all cause it takes two[ Tire and a Man] to keep the crowds feeling warm and cozy .

  2. This is how cannibals braise their meats in Africa.
    Too bad there isn’t much cannibalism going on over there. Then we wouldn’t have to see so many feed the fucking starving people commercials on TV.
    Cannibals are the best cure for starvation and overpopulation.

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