Bug Eyed Floater Found in Thailand

Bug Eyed Floater Found in Thailand

Well, here’s a woman pulled from the water in Thailand that will haunt your dreams for fucking ever. No back story or info on who the woman was or the circumstances leading to her death but it’s one hell of a conversation piece. Can’t even imagine being one of those paramedics or volunteers being on scene to witness that corpse being turned over for the first time. Jesus Christ, death never ceases to fascinate and repulse, am I right boys and gores? Just look at the mutant freak that death has done to this once human female.

thanks for the nightmares, @mrspink!

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31 thoughts on “Bug Eyed Floater Found in Thailand

  1. Ooh man, she . . . is . . . ripe! They were trying to fish her out like that polluted water was going to be bad for her health or something. They should have just flushed twice.

    • 1. Because he’s on the job, he’ll switch to his flip flops as soon as he clocks out.
      2. Those shorts were probably on too tight, so he couldn’t get them off and called off the rape.
      3. Yes, but I’d like to see if they could be pushed back in a little.
      4. Probably not because the flaps are just stretchy skin, but the male parts are connected to a bag of….liquidy stuff, so the balloon effect is inevitable.
      5. Yes, they can be very interesting, scary and funny looking all at the same time.

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