Thai Woman with Mental Illness Sets Herself on Fire

Thai Woman with Mental Illness Sets Herself on Fire

A suicide occurred in Thailand in which a woman set herself on fire. Her face was blackened and her skin was peeled off of her body leaving bright, pink strips. The woman was put out and taken to a residence where she succumbed to her injuries before proper medical attention could be administered. According to residents of the area, the 27-year-old woman suffered mental illnesses (I suppose I should say alleged) but no one was able to actually specify what these mental issues were. Well, in any case, I’d say she’s cured now.

Props to the Pink!

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51 thoughts on “Thai Woman with Mental Illness Sets Herself on Fire

    • @icthulhu ‘They burn witches don’t they?’ There was a time that was the local entertainment. Hallucinate on some rye bread LSD, point out a neighbor lady you don’t like and cry “Witch!”. I would have paid good money to see that. Other cultures relished lighting up their fellow citizens as well, barbaric. But yes, burned alive at the stake or trapped in a car crash, horrible way to die.

  1. I’m sure that we are all a little bit mentally ill to a certain extent! That’s no excuse to go setting yourself on fire now is it? I guess the devil came to her and said if she set herself alight, he would forever keep her safe in his chamber of warmth and love. Well that’s what the voices in my head told me anyway!

  2. Death by fire and death by being eaten alive by an animal are two of top ways I do not wish to die. I don’t really fear death, but the physical and mental part of the process scares the shit out of me. If given a choice, I would like to go peacefully in my sleep at a ripe old age. If not that, than something almost instantaneous, please.

    • @uniballer I fear death. I think that fear brought me to look for such horrible things as “faces of death” “bg” “gore”. First was to listen to a man slowly have his head removed. It all built from there. A thousand times I’ve vicariously died all with a click of my mouse. A shrink would say I’m reinforcing my fear. Others may say I’m facing it head on. Not sure. The fear is still there and now I have not so appropriate stories that pop in my head with no one to share them with.

    • Oooh, my favs. #3 The youths hammering a guy in the face and listening to his gasps through blood and snot. #2 The two guys sitting in front of some cartel amigos that proceed to chainsaw off the first victim’s head. #1 Getting squashed like a Thai/Chinese/Brazilian cockroach by a truck/train/machine. And a bonus, electrocuted until you burst into flames ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That or she died from inhalation.. burns usually don’t go below the vocal cords but smoke inhalation is more life threatening than most burns themselves (just short of actually dieing while burning) several serious complications arise from smoke inhalation with the inability for the lungs to transfer oxygen properly to the blood being the first. This is just my speculation on her cause of death of course….. But her hair.. still puzzled?

  3. 6,000,000 ways to die and so she chose! FFS if I’m punching out my own timecard, there are about 5,999,999 other ways I’d choose to go! I’m no drug addict, but I believe it’s safe to surmise a big heroin bender and a comfortable fade to black would be a warm welcoming into the Great Nothingness. Burning to death has got to be the worst way to go. SMH.

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