Some Serious Shit

Good evening gorriors! Sorry for the title but I’m tired and my creative juices just ain’t flowing. Tonight, I have no gore but feel there is something important that needs to be addressed. As the saying goes ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and while this is only a little gore site, the quote still rings true. When we set out to create this site I don’t think we truly understood what we were getting into. This site is our baby and just like a newborn there is a lot of love, care and plain ol’ stress in the mix of keeping this thing alive. I can’t begin to tell you everything that goes into keeping this site up and running and while being a mod sounds fun there’s a lot of work and responsibility and dammit I hate both of those!

What I’m about to say doesn’t apply to 99% of you. You’ve all been amazing not only in your support but also making this site what we have always wanted the other one to be. However, it seems there are members who have trouble understanding the rules we have set in place for RGM. There was quite a bit of discussion beforehand on what we believed they should be. We wanted them to be fair and easy to follow. The longer the list, the more likely one will be broken. We kept it to 3 basic things: No personal attacks, no plagiarism and no spamming. Seems simple enough but since this is the internet you’re gonna have people determined to act like hardasses bending or flat out breaking the rules.

Let me first say that we have no desire to ban any member. We want everyone here, even members we don’t get along with have the right to be on here. However, if you’re breaking the rules or think you can get away with something because we were just little BG members back then…well, you’re wrong. When we made this site we came to the conclusion that we’ll have to make decisions we may not necessarily enjoy making or be that person that takes away others’ fun because we’re sticking to our word. We’re trying to find a balance and you guys may not always like us for it but we have to take on that role to make the site better. That doesn’t mean we’re going to lose sight of who we are or why we created RGM though. It seems some people are confusing being strict/laying down the law with being like BG or that the power has gone to our heads. That couldn’t be further from the truth. To be clear, every time there is a decision that must be made we have group meetings to discuss it. Whether that be a potential addition to the site and how it’ll work with our format or a comment a member made and figuring out if they should get a warning, we are in constant communication. There is never one person who makes a decision on a topic. Everything is done by vote so that no particular person is in a position of power deciding everything.

We have already had to ban a few members, some of them being friends of yours and I’m sure most of you know who and have seen the comments made, not just by them but by us as well. We’re in no way perfect and are guilty of getting caught up in the arguments but when you’re pushed to that point, it’s hard not to snap after putting so much into this site. Those who have been banned were banned for breaking the rules; no personal attacks to be specific. We do not want to be strict little mods however we have to abide by the rules we created. This does not mean you are not allowed to disagree with us or voice your opinions. That is not what we’re saying at all. There have even been a couple of you who have argued with us about particular topics and no warnings were given because no rules were broken. It’s as simple as that. We welcome all opinions and beliefs here but please don’t be an ass about it. If you disagree with us or another member, argue your point without the attacks. If you have an issue with something we do then tell us but if you’re coming across as rude then you might not get the best response. As I said we’re not perfect, we’re human. We are still fixing things and learning as we go but we ask for your patience and understanding and we will deliver an amazing site.

Alright I’m totally rambling now so thank you for supporting this site and making it what it is. And thank you to my fellow mods who are incredible people and work their damn asses off for this site while still having regular jobs and lives outside of this!

I want to give this opportunity to all of the members to voice any concerns or questions they have as well as suggestions they would like to make and we’ll try to address them all. Thank you!!

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  1. Oh good Lord. Would somebody complain about something they are more or less getting for free? And who in the hell is holding a gun to their head making them log on here??? RGM Mod Team, keep doing what you’re doing, surprise me. I have no complaints, other than the white text on the white background in the Private messaging, but hey, I can highlight the text and see it, no biggie.

  2. Can’t say I’ve ran into any issues yet @obli, I haven’t been here on RGM for long enough yet but you know me well enough to know that I tend not to hold my tongue when challenged by other members. Within reason we must defend our opinions! As far as personal attacks go, I completely agree with your policies of banning them before things get too heated and eruptions of childish tit for tat takes place.

    You guys are after all the makers of this site and without rules, anarchy will surely ensue! You’ve done a great job looking at it and I’ve done some exploring already and you have a right to protect what you’ve created. So no oblijections from me ? hehe!!

  3. I’m glad we have all this support. It makes the pain in the ass of running a website worthwhile. It makes me worry about continuous expansion. I really enjoy the small membership numbers, to be honest. It makes moderating the site easier.

    Kudos to @yournextexgirl for not yet losing her shit because if she does, we all are gonna have a hard time lol when I said all I mean literally all of us here.

    @littlefoot addressed this issue well. Couldn’t have said it better myself. 100 Asian thumbs up! ๐Ÿ˜€ You take rice as symbor of pride and honah to Rigore Mortis famiry.

    I saw someone bring up the white text and background on the Private Messages. I think that was @thejudge. We’re gonna have to try an option to resolve that but we’re not quite sure when to do it because we would have to lock the site down if we’re gonna have to do it. We will, though. We’re just looking for the right timing. I had the opportunity to test the plug in at a different site. It went well and I hope the same goes here. We have to make sure nothing bad occurs that would affect each user. In short, we better not fuck shit up! Lol I’m sure we won’t though ’cause Nextie knows the shit.

  4. Hi all Im just happy to be invited to experience the real world of what happens to human when the shit hits the fan..blood & guts fetal mishaps & Mohammad je ha fuckers who love to slaughter their own & other & how can we forget Brazil & all its gore ..thanks all for the good info.

    From Down Under OZ ? G’day

  5. How come moderators not want to bang Wong? Wong like bang. Wong also very sorry he to miss Mrs Foot birthday other day but he very busy doing important Wong business. So congratulations Mrs Foot for make another year without die and for birthday wish you’re welcome to bang Wong. Congratulations for you.

  6. I think everything is good here. But who could forget the attacks on BG, I stopped using the site for a while because of it. Who wants to look at gore and then scroll down to the comments and read a bunch of shit between people fighting. I would like to suggest that maybe the site create a header of Banned members so that we can always look back as a reminder of 3 possible simple broken rules. @littlefoot

  7. Had no idea @littlefoot had a birthday just pass so happy belated birthday sweetheart! Hope you and the kids had fun! On another note, i fuckin’ LUV this site. ALL of you make it what it is & if that means some people get outta line and you have to spank their ears back, so be it but for the others who are disrespectful, i say fuck ’em, get rid of them! You guys work too hard to have to deal with petty ass bullshit! Again, thanks for everything you do!

  8. I’m on the toilet writing this now, and just wanted to stop in and ask y’all a question. Why was there a lot of shit talking on that site? And if you don’t mind telling (you prolly won’t), but who wrote those articles on BSG website? Tbh I thought it was really stupid and childish. But on the flip side, who tf believes that the earth is flat? I never laughed my ass off that loud before.

    And, cmon. There really didn’t have to be that big of a post to something that doesn’t really concern us. But with what happened and this becoming a topic of discussion, I’d too like to know why and who wrote those articles.

    • @necropheliacspatt
      There were quite a few ex members that had access to that site and many people wrote posts on there. It was kind of a place where people who were treated like shit on the site could go rant and get things off their chest. Childish? Yeah it was but there was a lot of pent up anger that people had held in for years so I guess you could call it therapeutic.

      As far as this post, I debated on whether or not to write it but decided to as I realized that some of these banned people were friends to RGM members so I felt it was important to explain why we did what we did. Maybe it’s over communication but I’d rather be too open then seem like we’re hiding things.

      • Alright. It isn’t my area for discussion then. I like the way you write, but this topic I choose to stay away from.

        I got an email from a post that was titled “gnat and thedre love story” where I left a comment and that user acneskank replied to where gnat also posted his rant. Just a dramatic post.

  9. I don’t say much on here, but I love this site and the way you guys run it. Some asshole sent me a msg on here asking me to write back to their @hotmail address because ‘she’ had and I quote “a warm and friendly feelings as I saw your profile today”. Nice try dipshit. Anyway, I very much appreciate you getting rid of the hacking SOB; or, at least I think you did cause the member was deleted. You have my full support for the way you want your site to be. I’m just glad to be a member of such an awesome family. Excluding the butt-nuggets on here of course.

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