Woman’s Leg Mangled by Bus

Woman's Leg Mangled by Bus

Aftermath video of a woman who has been run over by a bus and subsequently had her leg mangled almost beyond recognition. We see the amateur footage taken by a witness and it seems that no one is too concerned about the woman who is left laying in a pool of her own blood, crying. Others off to the side of the bus are seen talking and some scooter-bound individuals roll past but no one is seen even trying to console her.

I imagine she’ll survive, but that leg will never be the same again. Thanks to @mrspink.

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131 thoughts on “Woman’s Leg Mangled by Bus

    • @gnat – ‘cept giraffes have four legs and she now has only one, technically. Her bad leg is like a very manky Santa’s stocking hanging off the mantlepiece, dripping with blood. I guess she could have died due to blood loss, she’s lost quite a lot already. It’s a pity we couldn’t do a follow up, find out what the outcome was in cases like this.

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