Man Has Leg Ripped Off in Accident

Man Has Leg Ripped Off in Accident

Here we have a brutal ass view of leg having been completely ripped off from the hip and tossed to the side like some giant dismantling a chicken. All the blood and gore around the wound and on the street couple with the (annoying) cries of the injured and the bystanders, makes you feel like you are really there.

That’s all I have on this one, I’ll be posting a lot of random accidents over the course of the weekend all designed to make you aware of the shit that can happen to you. Even if you are 100 percent careful at all times, you cannot defend against what others will do. So be careful out there even though I just told you it was kinda pointless haha.

Props to the Pink!

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21 thoughts on “Man Has Leg Ripped Off in Accident

  1. @obli Haha Thanks for the PSA. Good way to learn from other’s bad experiences and watching out for the other guy. Hopefully it’s someone else in the herd that takes one for the team.

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