Man Skins Dead Humans For Dinner

Man Skins Dead Humans For Dinner

So maybe it’s not for dinner, but you never know, I could be right about this. A man is shown skinning dead humans like he’s slicing up chicken for dinner. It clearly ain’t a big deal to him. I don’t know if this is part of some kind of ritual like those performed before a sky burial or what, but he has clearly done it a few times. Ugh, when he gets to the feet is when I cringe.

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45 thoughts on “Man Skins Dead Humans For Dinner

    • Yeah, if it hurts like hell to pull on a hangnail or as our spanish speaking friends call them, Padrastes (stepfather) haha. Although the cadavers in the video being fileted like trout appear drained of blood and feeling no pain. Ooh, I would like to see that process like when embalming a body, do they just let the blood and shit flow down the drain or would that be hazardous waste . . .

  1. I think sky burial. the second guy looks very much like a crimson robed buddhist monk, and (as nextie said) the first guy looks very experienced in the filleting. the only thing that bothers me is so many (youngish) bodies at one village/town?

    i love the idea that my family could see the results of the energy transfered from my body when watching the birds fly above

  2. That was certainly a sharp blade. Is the cutting supposed to make it easier for the vultures to get a bellyful so the mortuaries don’t get overwhelmed with bodies backing up?

    • @theluvmuscle

      They probably do it because it’s easier for the birds to “process” the dead body…

      Some cultures then crush the remaining bones and gore to make a sort of mush to feed to the other birds (crows… hawks… etcetera) that are waiting on the vultures to finish…

      • @gnat… Exactly, I was thinking of an industrial sized blender for the “young un” vultures and smaller birds. No muss, no fuss, just pop that body in and you gots a meal ready to eat.

  3. Wow that made my ass cheeks hurt! That sure is one sharp cleaver! But yes, this is definitely preparation for sky burial. However, it’s more fun to imagine that this is Leatherface”s long lost brother from another mother preparing the evening’s surprise meat stew! ???

  4. The ease with which the butcher’s knife was put to its real use by the CULTURE VULTURE man or a woman in robes was simply hair raising ………
    I think each of the dead ones with loincloth draped on were little dead sumos and they were killed because they were a disgrace to the tradition and sumo’s legacy …..therefore the story as per me must surely have its origin from some remote regions of the land of the rising sun.

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