Not So Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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I haven’t even seen this movie. Not really a huge J.K. Rowling fan but I respect her work. Not like Twilight. Oh god, what a literary disaster.

I haven’t seen this movie either but hey at least in the real world, we get to see beasts and we know where to find them – in da hood. I admit I am from a place where situations are bad but women fighting like that is something I have never seen for once in my 21 years of third world life. I’ve witnessed, a college basketball brawl, lynchings, a gang war inside a vehicle (I know, it was hilarious.), kitchen knife-wielding fighting couples and Christian extremists (scariest of them all) but not full-on, naked chicks catfight. Unattractive naked chicks catfight is something not worth witnessing, in my opinion. They should wear jumpsuits next time.

This is most likely from the USA because, I don’t know…them speaking in English is kind of a giveaway.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! I barely know anything about American history and I don’t know why there’s a lot of turkey in Thanksgiving. Why can’t we Asians have Thanksgiving? Oh, right. We’re poor.

Don’t get into naked rights, folks.

Thanks to @mrspink and @yournextexgirl for this post. 😀

Oh, yeah! Before I forget, I promised a few people that they’ll get a shoutout here on RGM. I met them though a Family Guy episode live stream on YouTube. They chose not to be named, though. Oh well, here’s a shoutout to those bastards that I mentally scarred for life. Here’s to you, Pepe the Frog and hot Blasian guy. Cheers!

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104 thoughts on “Not So Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  1. Send ’em all to the Philippines where they can teach them all about turkeys, gravy, grits and good times in the hood. The Philippines could use some cultural mixing and education about “Black Lives Matter” shit. The “poor” Philippines is rich in their culture and all, but I promise them, they don’t want this ‘Rich” American shit in their country. Don’t complain too much about not being rich…We are “rich” with this bullshit. Too rich.

  2. Unrelated topic…..I am having a spot of bother with this Gravatar malarky. I can’t seem to log into the account I had obviously used for my BG image…now of course I may have confused my password but the annoying thing won’t send a recovery code to any of the relevant email addresses. Didn’t want to have to make another one if I could help it. Any advice please? Also, am I right in thinking you don’t necessarily need to use Gravatar? It seemed that an image could be dragged in from desktop? Apologies for what is probably a silly few questions….I can be somewhat technically challenged.

  3. Cyberdyne Systems and Skynet are very proud of their BT and ED series, the BT-1000’s, the newest BT-1100’s and the ED-209’s.

    “It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop ever, until you are dead.” – Kyle Reese in Terminator

    Happy Thanksgiving!

        • @harumph oh yes!! Two of my favorites are ” bitch looks like Jabba the pizza hut” and ” Looks like a nigga I use to hunt orcs with back in Mordor!” Honorable mention: “looks like a nigga I use to mine coal with” he always has me in stitches with those.

          • @amour

            I’ve been watching him for almost a year now, as he gets all of those types of videos from folks who just send them in, such as is done here. They would lynch a white man for talking like that about black people, justifying it with something along the lines of hate crimes, which are indeed unconstitutional. It is legislating thought or free speech. Honestly, he’s very lucky he’s still alive. They have even threatened his young daughter more than once. I refuse to do business with any of them. They are amazingly incredible and destructive monsters right out of comic books and we avoid them here like we would avoid those with the Black Death (pun intended). 😉

  4. It looks like a banana shortage in the gorilla cage got em fighting over last ?.
    They’re going total ape shit.
    …and thank you Kay, thank you for all the gore…which makes me thankful for having all my limbs,fingers and toes…my balls and cock intact and perfectly operational for jizzing,thankful for no bottles stuck up my ass,both my eyes not popped outta my skull…etc.
    Kat, be happy not to know much of american history or traditions…there mostly based on bullshit,and commercialized for government fiscal profit.

  5. 0:15 “uuuaaahhh” bout made me pee myself

    Happy thanksgiving yall!! Havnt been around much but secretly stop in and peep….. not like a pervert….. gorevert?? Smoking turkey and herbs, best wishes 🙂 also while traveling through floridian jungles and swamps, its not uncommon to witness large stinky creatures (of all kinds) brawl it out in our fantastic ecosystem.

  6. @Kay: what is this Philippine fascination with America? Why do you adore the USA so much? I never understood this. Why do you as a nation have this inferiority complex? Adopting the habits of the US of A will only corrupt you more.

    • Colonial mentality.

      Edit: I feel like I need to say more. It’s really hard to explain other than colonial mentality. You have to acknowledge a few things as to why certain Asians have and need to learn about the American culture. First of all is economic reasons. It is not a secret that outsourcing has been a part of the economies of both US and another third world country. Second is American shit is just cool here, ok? Americans have things we don’t like Hot Pockets and Twinkies. Third is that almost everyone needs to know what’s going on with the state of affairs of the United States especially to those countries they have ties with, like countries like mine. Whatever you guys do there would affect us here one way or another. Fourth is another culture entirely different from yours is just fascinating because it bears knowledge that you can’t find in your culture. Same way Americans come and visit the Philippines or any other Asian country. It’s different and it’s interesting.

      Hope that was a considerable insight although I have to admit I just scratched the surface. And no, we’re more corrupt than you think. Corruption isn’t as bad in America as it is in the Philippines. It has a lot to do with poverty.

      Plus you guys assume everyone in the world knows everything you guys do lol

      • @howefrank you are correct my friend,my grandfather told me when he was there the phillipino women and children showered them with all kinds of goodies,they knew we there to save there asses,and they appreciated it…he even went awol for four days in the jungle with some island girl lol,Japs crawling all over the island,when he was done he rejoined his unit and sacked some slants

  7. Ladies and gentlemen if you’ll look to your right you’ll see a group of female negrois amerikanis, otherwise known as the American Yard Ape, and it appears the females are having a territorial dispute. Please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times. The part of the city that is the natural habitat for the Yard Ape is what is known as government housing, or “The Projects” for short. As you can see their are numerous housing projects in this area which are different “Sets” for these animals. The typical Yard Ape sleeps on the floor due to the fact that some of them have learned how to drive motor vehicles and use firearms. After learning how to use these things they have started firing at each other from the moving vehicles during territorial disputes, this is also referred to as a drive-by in the Yard Ape communities.

    We advise you to never approach a Yard Ape in its natural habitat and recommend that you exercise extreme caution when driving through these dangerous areas keeping your windows rolled up, doors locked, and if at all possible do not enter at all unless heavily armed. Be aware that they are very fast and nimble animals that are extremely dangerous on foot, especially when addicted to crack.

    Please enjoy your stay in the city and thank you for choosing Atlanta Bus Tours. Again we advise against traveling through certain aforementioned areas and take no responsibility for any injury, robbery, maiming, death, or stray bullet encountered within.

  8. Wow these comments…. calling African Americans apes and niggers… smh get over it YES they are ghetto as hell but u should be mad at your ancestors for bringing us “apes and niggers” here… we where just fine in our own land until u kidnapped us ijs

    • @gorechica

      My advice to you would be to leave your FEELING at the door…
      This site isn’t an extension of your “safe space”…
      Get over yourself…

      BTW… if you wanna know who REALLY did all the slave TRADING… try looking up the history of the Ottoman Empire’s slave trade… you’ll be astonished that they were NOT White Europeans…

      Edit: Oh yeah… also look up the (((merchant))) slave trade too… if you really wanna know who you should give your grievances to…


    • I’m non-white…obviously lol. I am probably as yellow as the sun and I love my heritage, I wouldn’t trade it for another. We are a people of resilience and pride. Although I know Americans associate us with flip-flops, that’s ok lol The history is the past, Americans are very very very fortunate enough to not be ravished by war in the present times. Not a single war was fought in America, they made Asia their battleground. Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Japan and the Philippines are some examples. That reason alone, if I had the same way of thinking you do, that means I should hate Americans, right? They laid waste to my home, ravaged our women, killed my ancestors, destroyed our culture. I don’t hate Americans although I have every single reason to.

      Aren’t you thankful that your ancestors weren’t sent back to Africa? If you aren’t then you should. If you haven’t lived a few years in a country like this, you wouldn’t appreciate what you have. In fact, many of you don’t. Most Americans wouldn’t survive in a third world country. Common things to you like hot pockets, McDonalds, basic education or insurance are a luxurious thing in third world nations. Shit, I don’t even have insurance. I think you should be thankful that the Caucasians gave you equal rights they do, a right to own your own land on theirs (technically the Native Americans though lol), made you part of their land, most of all. Not many enslaved countries or peoples had that kind of opportunity na privilege. Spain never gave us reparations after what they have done to us for hundreds of years but we don’t hate the Spaniards either. The Europeans have done what they have done but their children can’t be blamed for it. We can’t be angry to whites all the time. I can’t be angry at Little Foot or Obli because of their heritage. Mine is, we can’t keep living in the past although we should acknowledge it so as it wouldn’t happen again. You and I can’t keep dwelling over what other races or nationalities have done to us. That’s the best thing we can learn from all of these. Love your heritage, learn your past and work for the future.

    • @gorechica Rest assured not all of us in the gore brethren are haters and use our incognito personas as a forum to vocalize internally fueled varying racisms as a means to air things not so socially acceptable to society in other day-to-day interactions. I notice a lot of that shit on my multiple Gore site homes. Some of us are united in just our love of gore and try to move beyond such stereotypical, archaic belief systems. Just saying, my Gore sister. ?❤️

  9. Nearly not as bad as I thought it would culminate out to be , however at one moment I thought I saw a giant gorilla having trespassed in some campus area and was stripped naked for trying out a weird zoo stunt but the worst part was that the beast wore no panties and with those jouncing jugs swaying all over in every direction she didn’t seem to be in her elements though but the beast of burden was careful enough in shaving her crotch area before declaring an all out war .

  10. Can’t we all just get along? Apparently not. People of the same race be fighting with each other, and people of different races shooting each other and calling names. A racist president elected in the US. It is just going to get worse before the human race is obliterated. Funny video however made me laugh.

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