Dead Bald Naked Asian Man on Stretcher

Dead Bald Naked Asian Man on Stretcher

I really want to provide more details but, I am left in the state of both perplexity and mystery. We don’t know anything about the background of this Asian guy other than he has a cute butt. He would’ve been a 10 if his wiener isn’t so small. Oh well, Asians.

You might have noticed a huge scar on his head which leads me to think that he underwent operation and in addition to that his head is completely shaved. Plus part of the inside of his head is missing which is why I think there’s a…oh dear. What do you call that? A crater? Well, we’ll call it a depression. Could’ve been a surgery to remove a tumor. He seems somewhat healthy but that huge scar in the head is perplexing. Maybe we got some medical professionals here who can fill us out on that one.

As for the mystery, I don’t know who the fuck this guy is so there’s that.

How’s the turkey going? You know, I never had turkey in my life. It’s incredibly expensive in here plus none of my family knows how to cook it so, I guess I just have to wait till I land in somewhere in the States. You guys get a damn long weekend. I’m kinda jealous.

Props to my sister from another universe and fellow chink, @mrspink. Come to think of it, this post is purely Asian. Yellow Fever!

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52 thoughts on “Dead Bald Naked Asian Man on Stretcher

  1. I believe we are seeing a road accident victim after a failed attempt at life-saving surgery to repair head trauma.

    You’re not missing anything by not having a turkey, Stacey. We brine a chicken overnight and roast it for dinner on Thanksgiving at my house.

    • At least what these Asians, except the Chinese, don’t have to be ‘thankful’ for, is that they stole the country from the indigenous people and murdered most of said people, even in recent days in history. ‘Thanksgiving’ is one of the most hypocritical American habits.

      • @staciejaxx


        Pakistan spends three days for their celebration, which is done on the 10th month of the Muslim calendar. People dress in new clothes and go to the mosque to attend SALATAUL EID (EID prayers). The younger family members pay respect and visit homes of elder relatives.

        Children look forward to EID because it is customary to receive EID in form of gifts in cash. The greeting is EID MUBARAK, which means Blessed EID. All Muslims are expected to extend to the needy. It marks the end to Ramadan.


        Korean Thanksgiving is called Chusok, which is a three-day harvest celebration. It is the biggest migration event in modern Korea. More than one half of the population visits families and ancestral graves.

        Men don’t do any of the cooking and women spend many days and weeks preparing food for the celebration for the harvest celebration, which takes place at the eldest son’s home and is based on the paternal lineage.

        Korean Thanksgiving falls between September and October, or August 15 on the lunar calendar. The eat rice, pears, juju beans, chestnuts; sesame seeds and use pine bark needles.***

        I don’t know if this is accurate or not… just thought you’d like to take a look-see…

        • I remember at school in middle England (70’/80’s) that harvest festival was quite an important celebration, happening at (and the week up to) the weekend of the autumn equinox. Apparently in our country it has been this way since pagan times…but i guess the celebration was “appropriated” by christianity, and our celebrations included hymns and giving thanks to “god” (Even though it was men and women who historically toiled in the fields..planting for, tending to, and bringing in the harvest, and the same men and women, and their children, who suffered during times of failed crop). Mixed in with the hymns etc though were some signs of the pagan festival, we constructed dolls and wreaths using wheat and dried vegetable matter, and head dressings for us to wear from flowers, straw etc. bread was also baked in the shape of harvest wreaths and other shapes. A huge table was made and placed in our school assembly hall, decorated with these constructions, and we were all encouraged to each bring foodstuffs from home to place on this table – so in the end it was quite a sight. After the festival, all this food was donated to local charities

          I asked my nephew (9) if they celebrated harvest festival at his school, and he didnt know what i was talking about. But then in the days that i was at school, English schools were either church of england (C of E) or catholic run – and those were the only two choices you had as far as education…whether your family were christian/catholic or not…or indeed of another faith
          Now most english schools seem to be secular or “academised”, so i guess that is the difference

  2. The dead victim appears cozied off on a slumberette and he ain’t gonna wake up
    That heavy stitch to his head is akin to a giant zipper but how come the guy with a tumor to his head had had such a big rash on his shoulder is another fucking mystery and to add to all the mystery surrounding the corpse ; is his pencil sized dick and all that bush his Weiner seems smilingly cushioned on .
    Its kinda difficult fathoming out how shagging so vigorously can cause lumps bumps and big rashes and sudden heart seizure

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