Young Boy Pulled From Water After He Drowns

Young Boy Pulled From Water After He Drowns

A young Indonesian boy drowned and was pulled from the water where a group of people were hanging around. It looks as if he might have fallen in by accident but I’m not sure, everyone else is fully clothed and I don’t think that’s somewhere where people would be swimming. He looks around four or five years old, so I don’t know what he was doing around water like that without being supervised, or maybe I’m just paranoid about kids being around water. I can’t even imagine what his mother feels. I think losing a child is probably the worst pain anyone can experience.

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18 thoughts on “Young Boy Pulled From Water After He Drowns

  1. That’s why I keep 50ft of rope in the trunk of the car. If you’re around a family member that age, any where near a river or some place like that, tie it around his or her waist and they won’t be more than 50ft away from an adult.

  2. someone punch the scarfed head fucking bitch getting in their face video taping them. Bad enough anyone video taped it. The only thing that would keep me alive if I lost one of my children would be my other child. If I lost both, I would be dead. If it were my fault, I would be dead. Poor little dude.

    • I agree @woodwork, that lady was really pissing me off the way she was getting all up in their faces with that damn phone. I understand some people just have that journalistic calling, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. The footage we’re seeing was done the right way. He didn’t get in the way or hinder the rescue /recovery in any way, and he also maintained a respectful distance from the mourners. That lady on the other hand, is like the goddamn paparazzi! She gave zero fucks about how that family felt.

    • @uniballer
      Right? But I wander if they even know what cpr is. They look rather underprivileged. Maybe they’ve never been exposed to those kinds of life saving techniques? But then again they do have cell phones ?
      This really breaks my heart. I feel so bad for all the people that loved that little child. At that age they can get out of your sight in a matter of seconds. ?

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