Man Holds Woman Down and Beats Her With a Belt

Man Holds Woman Down and Beats Her With a Belt

Somewhere in Muslim land.. a man beat his wife for showing too much of her ankles and for looking in the direction of another man. What a whore she is. Doesn’t she know she deserves this for being such a whore and disobeying any male that tells her what to do? Okay wait.. I was possessed by the Acneska demon for a minute. So, some wannabe tough asshole with a belt decided that a woman, probably his wife, deserved a little beating for who knows what reason. They’re Muslims, so I’m assuming whatever she did was something really trivial and her psycho super Allahu Akbar goat fucker husband went all 72 Shades of Grey on her ass. If that were me, I’d let him finish beating me then I’d stand up and throat punch that fucker as hard as I could then force feed him pork.

Thanks to @mrspink

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31 thoughts on “Man Holds Woman Down and Beats Her With a Belt

    • @gorycory Yeah, I had flashbacks to when dad would pull out that belt and start snapping it, an ass beatin’ was a comin’. As for this poor lady having her ass exposed in front of the relatives, I was thinking what Nextie said about showing some ankle before I read her article. How fucked up it would be to live in that culture, but like The Dude said above, they love western fashion and technology, douches indeed.

      • @borntorun Just based on the brief look into their lives from this video it appears she is more devout than he is. With her traditional garb and subservience, meanwhile her closet-queer husband is dressed like he’s going out to the mall with his bros. I’m sure the rules are laid out clearly of what they can and can’t wear, if he is not true enough to his beliefs to dress as decreed by his big dumb god he is not worthy to beat his wife because his holy book allows it.

        But at least with that outfit poisoning him might not be necessary @gorycory, she could easily frame him for homosexuality and get someone else to toss him off a roof for her.

      • Hahahaha Bro@borntorun
        Clearly this kinda belt snapping took me back in time where for a little of a silly mistake a good ass beating was all that my butt would await from my Dad…but I’d take it like a champ.

        Yea ya said it bro their is a truly fucked up culture and only the beasts do belong in there . The person at the receiving end is a transgender and that ass beating is given because the fucker who is insanely up with the belt is an extortionist who couldn’t get usual fill of his daily dough and some hard core sex .
        I wish he would spank genderqueer with his flaccid dick until he would attain his usual hard on The other on the scene must have shagged looking at those well rounded arse cheeks .

  1. She looks like she’s already bruised up. Big bruise on her butt. These are probably the poor girls brothers. What husband is gonna let some other guy pull your wifes pants down? So sick, this religion of “peace”. Subjective. “If I even just “think” you aren’t following the rules and look the wrong way or don’t say yes right, you’ll get beat. Or beheaded for “possibly” being raped based on someones third hand rumor, etc. and on and on and on… Sick fucks. Like me, eh Nextie?

  2. Ooooh! That looks like so much fun! I know who I’d like to have beat me like that! And in between each lash, I would say, “Yes my Goddess! May I please have another!?!” Mmmm, hmmm!

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but belts and hand ties excite me!

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