Fat Woman Falls to Death and Splatters on Pavement

Fat Woman Falls to Death and Splatters on Pavement

A woman fell to her death and splattered nicely on the pavement. Aside from the gore created, a point of interest is the images of her on the ledge of the building she fell from. Sitting casually, talking on the phone and walking around despite the danger. I’m not sure if this was suicide, cry for attention gone wrong, she simply got locked out of the room she was in or perhaps she was just high as shit and fucking around. Lots of unanswered questions on this one, boys and gores. What say you?

Thanks, @mrspink.

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28 thoughts on “Fat Woman Falls to Death and Splatters on Pavement

  1. Maybe she had been visiting her married “boyfriend” when suddenly the boyfriend”s wife came home so she snuck out on the ledge until the coast was clear???

  2. Boyfriend broke up with her on the phone, the chicken shit. Usual hysterics, go out on a ledge to “show him”, hence the undies. Realize you fucked up by going out there. Looking down pulls you down. Cracked tile and head. She didn’t look that fat from up high and far away, but man that close up, jeesh!

  3. She apparently didn’t fully understand the gravity of her situation.

    She swore up and down to her phone company that it was a dropped call.

    Her favorite time of year is the fall.

    Okay, now I’ve got my lame jokes fix out of the way for the month….sorry gorelings!

  4. She’s not really very Fat. Her body got all distorted by the fall. Maybe a little belly, but that’s all. Quit contributing to the problem of girls and women with distorted body image problems. If this gal is fat, then all 6 year olds need to be on a diet…Or something similar to my point.

  5. Well ye see …. she was committed and it showed for the duration of her entire crank call she tried being in the network as best as she could .
    I liked that laid back style with just the undies and her scanty inners barely worn on but showing all the ugly fat all over from tip to toe .
    See when the call dropped she dropped to a thunderous splatter .
    But poor me is still quite puzzled as to how the woman on the ledge looked a little slimmer than the one on the pavement ……..look to be two different cutouts of the same person ,I feel .

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