Man’s Face Eaten Off by Rats

Man's Face Eaten Off by Rats

This is sent in by @mrspink who has told me that this was from a while back.

Rodents, huh? Damn disgusting creatures that gnaw off every damn thing. Ever been bitten by a rat in your sleep? It ain’t a nice feeling. Anywhere they live, it stinks. They are kinda cute but they are disgusting as fuck.

When I was 8, I once lived in a dilapidated house built before or during the second world war and it was near a creek where there were an abundance of rats and frogs and snakes and there was one time I saw a snake chase and eat a rat and it makes you feel like you’re living in the jungle. Funny enough too that we had a drawer under the sink and the damn thing was filled with tiny mice.

I never had it easy as a kid but I still think I am lucky as hell compared to this guy who’s face was chewed off by rats. I’m pretty sure he’s dead before it happened. Could’ve been worse, right?

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55 thoughts on “Man’s Face Eaten Off by Rats

  1. See what happens when the rats go belling the man thinking it’s kinda like some big cat.

    Rodents couldn’t have had a hey day unless the guy was in a mortuary being an unclaimed corpse
    and that’s one place they swarm on to gnaw at every little chunk of flesh ……………fucking Gerbils 🐀
    get the fuck outta my way ………….. 🐁

    This might seem weird but I have got a little of poison for my computer mouse if it ever misbehaves

  2. What the GERBILS fancy gnawing at are only the delectable parts
    and this fucking fella had loads on him for them to savour on.
    another drawback was that he had all his cats to go catching butterflies that very day at Edward’s Yard
    and that in no way was a sound decision when Gerbils roam your bloody face when you fall asleep .

  3. Being an owner of a pest company, I think I need to dispute the rats eating him theory. Anyone that has ever had a rodent infestation knows that mice and rats cant control their urine or bowel movements. They are pissing shitting machines and shit where they eat. I don’t see any rats droppings in these pictures!

  4. I had a pet Fancy Rat named Elvis. He was awesome! He was incredibly intelligent, and not to mention affectionate, as well as extremely obedient. He slept under my pillow at night and would do all sorts of cool tricks. He was caramel colored with black eyes. He died at 4 years old in his sleep. After he died I tried to get a new rat, which was white with black eyes. The second rat was fucking awful. It would bite people, piss and shit everywhere, and was just impossible to domesticate. I don’t know if it was just the other rat’s personality or what, but after I got rid of it I never got another. However, I can say that a Fancy Rat can be an amazing pet, Elvis was better than any dog I’ve ever owned (and I have had a lot of really great dogs).

    Its pretty disgusting what wild rodents can do. I’m not freaked out by mice or rats but I definitely don’t like them. This guy reminded me of the commercials they’ve been running for the mouse traps, the ones where they blow the little fuckers up or launch them into a tiny grave lmfao. At least he didn’t die around a bunch of pigs or hogs, there’d be nothing left of the poor bastard. I had a family member who had a heart attack and died in his hog barn….it was definitely a closed casket funeral. That said family member’s son went ballistic and shot all of the hogs because 1. He didn’t want to think of his dad being in a pile of pig shit. 2. He couldn’t live with the idea of eating a hog that had eaten his dad, nor could he handle the idea of selling it for anyone else to eat the hogs that ate his dad. He drug them off for the birds and other animals to eat….true story.

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