Disgruntled Employee in Malaysia Uses Truck to Hang Himself

Disgruntled Employee in Malaysia Uses Truck to Hang Himself

Well, given how my days have been going at the old salt mines lately… I feel you, bro, I feel you. Man in Malaysia went on the job driving a truck and at some point he just said “Fuck it”, pulled over and created a make shift noose and hung himself with the cab of his truck. Pretty creative. Gotta give credit to the Asians in general for being able to hang themselves like no one else.

Thanks to @mrspink.

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28 thoughts on “Disgruntled Employee in Malaysia Uses Truck to Hang Himself

  1. Why in the middle of a road though? Did he travelled a long journey with an urgent package to deliver, got stuck on the road because of trafic, and stung by a bee while waiting for the cars to move, tire blows up when he started moving again, once he arrived late at his destination his client didnt wanted the package anymore, his wife calls him telling him that she wanna break up because she was already screwing with someone else for a while, and while returning from that long journey, the truck breaks down and his boss calls him telling that hes fired? 😐

  2. May the good heavens help ……………
    just gotta tell ya all that I was a nowhere man
    and I didn’t have have my own point of view
    Knew not where I was going to
    wasn’t me a bit like you and ‘im ?

    I thought that was the best I could do
    come Mondays and they were all damn too maniacal
    and I told ya I’d had it much too enough back then .
    ye see me … on ma knuckles back on the scene ..oh yeah
    all ya apes ?!! to tell ya ma sob story.. I wasn’t even good at bench presses

    its that damning stress that bust me off and Malaysia is never truly ASIA and I mean it .

    • he acctually broke every law getting there … lost his wife …missed his kids gradution … burned out the engine and his transmission on the hill coming up to the house … got there just in the nick o’ time ..express package you see ? ….and then figured out he forgot the package on the loading dock…. *SIGH*

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