Little Girl on Pink Bike Gets Head Crushed by Dump Truck

Little Girl on Pink Bike Gets Head Crushed by Dump Truck

A little girl who was riding her pink bike in the street was run over by a dump truck in Maravilha, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The girl was killed after one of the trucks tires crushed her head. Her brain was ejected from the skull and a good amount of blood leaked onto the road as well. No word yet on exactly what caused the accident to happen. But it’s always the more tragic when it’s a little one, is it not? The people on seen just standing around mostly in shock. Bike looks like it may be salvageable though…

Props to the Pink!

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29 thoughts on “Little Girl on Pink Bike Gets Head Crushed by Dump Truck

    • @re-pete I hate seeing anything happen to kids, especially little girls. Before I had kids I always said that I didn’t care what sex it was, as long as it was healthy. Like most guys I hoped for a boy, but when my little girl got here I wouldn’t have traded her for 10 boys. I have a son, I’m not his biological father, but I was at the hospital when he was born because his dad didn’t want to claim him at the time. So, biologically or not, he’s my boy. I can say that having a little girl changes a guy, or at least it did me. Anytime a young life is lost it’s a fucking tragedy, but when you think about a little girl (on a fucking pink bicycle no less) having fun one minute and brutality killed the next…its fucking heartbreaking.

  1. Its always heartbreaking to see someone so little of age die the way this kid died . Her Parents must have been mad enough to let that kid go biking on a road that mostly must be abuzz with the plying of heavy duty vehicles but then again irony is when its Brazil you can expect the unexpected .
    Poor little child …….. RIP little darling
    I actually wanted one of the Da Silva with a giant head splatter .I guess I gotta wait .

    • @blucon I agree 100%. I wonder where her parents were, but at the same time I assume it was probably just some asshole not paying attention to what he was doing. I get that driving a truck, or operating heavy equipment, can be monotonous and boring. I’ve done it. However, it boggles my mind how many morons they actually allow to do that kind of work. You are paid for your undivided attention. Maybe it was the parents fault, but I would be more likely to bet on human error on the part of at least one operator. If that’s the case they should run over that asshole.

      • @@deathbyduck87
        I do agree there with ya when ya say driving around those beasts must one heck of a monotonous and a boring job …but that doesn’t allow for causing judgemental errors as ya said these jobs require one to be with undivided attention since these kinda jobs come with handsome perks and the pay packets .
        Here in the blame lies solely with the parents who weren’t mindful of the dangers involved by letting their kid out …….and as for commissioning of error on the part of the driver who we think may have caused the accident ..I am gonna say what if the kid had just rode her bike straight in to that oncoming dumptruck ;tell me what option would he have had to negotiate and save the kid cause if he had to do that couple of the other lives on that road would have been put to major risk .

        • @blucon I don’t doubt that it was a horrible fuck up on the part of the parents. However, as much as I want to say fuck those awful parents, it very well could have just been one of those awful freak accidents where you can’t really blame anyone. Here’s why I come to the conclusion of giving the parents reasonable doubt; 1. The little girl seems to be pretty well cared for, and dressed well (considering the fact that it’s Brazil). 2. She looks like she’s at least 8 years old, which is old enough to ride a bike within eyeshot for most places. 3. Having kids myself, and I am over protective at times (not to mention I live on a dead end road), kids tend to do dangerous things even when parents are watching, or even yelling at them to watch what they’re doing lol. At the end of the day it’s a tragic accident that I’m sure has absolutely traumatized 2 families. Regardless of country, culture, and any other differences accidents are going to happen and heartbreak is universal. I live in a pretty rural, extremely conservative, part of the bible belt in the U.S. Just last year we had a school bus driver whose child was run over and crushed to death by…a school bus. The boy was 8 and just ran across the road, I’m thinking it was to get his baseball, right in front of an oncoming school bus. His mother was absolutely devastated and retired from driving her bus. It was just a momentary lapse in attention by a child playing with his father. It devastated the community, his family, and all of the children in his school. I hope that this was just a situation like that, it doesn’t make it better or bring her back to life by any means. I just hate the idea of neglect on top of a tragic death, although it is entirely possible with the fucking morons on this planet.

  2. Well this would be heartbreaking in any other part of the world,but since it’s Brazil ??,it’s like a dead bird on side of road. Shame tho she looked beautiful,and was just being a kid. Sure she most likely mighta grown up to be another wacko Brazilian drug addicted stripper,gang member,raped or killed by boyfriend,or killed a 100 diffrent ways by the age of 22. But it (death) happening as a child is slightly more tragic.

  3. I blame this on bad parenting. They had to have allowed her to ride in the street on a regular basis. If not, then they never disciplined her for it. This is what happens when kids don’t have structure and discipline. I see these kinds of unruly children everyday around my neighborhood and they’ve almost been smeared like this one. I hope the parents end up as a suicide post on here.

    Look at how she’s dressed. No little girl should be wearing a see through shirt and skimpy shorts like that. It’s proof that her parents didn’t give a flying fuck about her. They were more than likely to have been on facebook, playing stupid games on their phones, or fucking. Too bad this kid had to pay for their lack of responsibility and lack of parenting skills.

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