Accident Victim Gets Leg Ripped at Crotch

Accident Victim Gets Leg Ripped at Crotch

Here we see a doctor examining a severe leg fracture that nearly ripped a man’s leg from his crotch. Said crotch is a little worse for wear as his mutilated genitalia have become mostly unrecognizable. Doctor examines and comments on the injury. Short but sweet look at the inner workings, which are always of interest to yours truly.

Thank you, @mrspink.

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20 thoughts on “Accident Victim Gets Leg Ripped at Crotch

    • Testicles always tend to get sad when they find themselves being this lonely ………
      the prize he paid dearly for fapping violently while watching all that porn on the telly but I wonder where his willy flew off
      He is turned a dick less and a leg less dude and he is not shy about it@uniballer

  1. Little perplexing because of victim’s waist as it looks to be quite feminine . Doctor Do little seem to be deriving a little of plesire by examining less and causing more of a pain by twisting that leg which looks painfully gnarly and I wonder if there would be a way to fix it up .
    That body seems well resigned to the crutches for life alternatively even the prosthetics may not prove to be of any great help either.

  2. I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what he said @re-pete…it’s OBVIOUS he said “look at the two hippos….and their flatulence”. You got fries on the mind. Time for some Mickey D’s! ???
    But seriously, I think he said fracture lines?

  3. Yep, this fucknut is a corpse. There isn’t any bleeding and the torso doesn’t have any respiratory movement. Also, the water running on the autopsy slab is a dead give away. If I were the forensic pathologist, I would have kept twisting that leg until it ripped off.

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