Man Decapitated by Rival Gang in Venezuela

Man Decapitated by Rival Gang in Venezuela

I gotta give a shout out to the pink and fellow chink @mrspink for this one because of two things: I shredded out my hard drive and forgot to make a back up of what Pink sent me and two, I reset my phone so what she sent is gone from my hands. The only info I have is that title. Sorry guys.

The pictures are in crisp HD. Ultra high-quality. We don’t get this daily so we all should savor on the incredible detail of the pictures. I can’t remember when this happened either so, I can’t really say much. You can see so much details of what goes on inside the neck so for you anatomy enthusiasts there I guess you’d enjoy the gallery.

I’m gonna update this post once I find or get the information for this one.

Just enjoy the pictures for now. 😀 Courtesy of @mrspink. Oh, wait. I just said that. Oh well.

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20 thoughts on “Man Decapitated by Rival Gang in Venezuela

  1. He was one proud motherfucker to have adorned that LOGO of CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB but got decapitated without scoring even a single goal ……..with so many people on the scene one farewell match could have been played for his sake .

  2. I can’t tell much of a difference if any between these HD pics and regular quality ones, maybe it’s just my phone. Oh well, thanks for the pics kay and Mrs Pink. Loved the first line of the article by the way “pink and fellow chink” lol.

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