Fingers Sliced, Diced and Put Back Together

Fingers Sliced, Diced and Put Back Together

Hello. Set of pictures here is from Anhui Province, China. One Mr. Liu had his hand caught in a machine at his job and the result left all his fingers sliced completely through in several places. It looks so cool seeing all the pieces arranged there. It took doctors 16 hours to restore Mr. Liu’s fingers to his hand. Mr. Liu was then fired for taking 16 hours off of work. I think I made that last part up but, it is China…

Thanks Pinky!

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22 thoughts on “Fingers Sliced, Diced and Put Back Together

    • @blucon HaHa, Silent Running Bro. Yeah, those chinks are really good with medical practices like their apothecaries and chinkypuncture. That hand in the main pic looks like an exploded instruction diagram. You’re right, good job by the docs sewing those meats back together.

      • Apothecaries and chinkypuncture………….fuck yeah you got me laughing real mad .bro@borntorun
        Hahaha exploded instruction diagram !! lol but I must say quite a laudable surgical piece of work had been performed there .
        Those surgeons must be real professional at their job in putting bits and pices back to how they originally looked. .

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