Retro Gore #3 – To Serve Woman

Retro Gore #3 - To Serve Woman

Chef Obli here, dishing out the Monlgolian beef for your gore-starved asses! These photos have been around for years and no gore collection would be complete without them. Woman hacked up, skinned, gutted and prepared for dinner. Some serious Texas Chainsaw Massacre shit right here, boys and gores. Order up! That’ll be $6.66.

Thanks to @mrspink

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40 thoughts on “Retro Gore #3 – To Serve Woman

    • @ladybug, yes, you’re right, it is very artistically laid out (the skin I mean). He or she was clearly an artist. S/he paid particular attention to the breasts, I wonder what that means. Was the murdered woman a mother, and was her killer her spouse or her child. Although she looks quite young-ish. Sorry for going all Cagney and Lacey on you guys there, you’re probably all too young to remember it. Send me a message if any of you remember the old Cagney and Lacey!

    This is my first viewing of this set of pics.
    The subject he chose has enough red meat to use.
    Any skinner & the meat is way to tough.
    OH MY the skin suit ..its amazing ..I cant stop looking at it..wonder how many suits they really have? How many years it takes to fillet & de bone at a good rate.
    How cool would of all the process be to watch..

    Bet Hillary Podester can skin & de bone in their spirit cooking!

  2. Nothing unusal here except for that the chef @obli is gone missing and the beef is half tenderized …..seems like a bad afternoon with no one around for takes .
    That stench and the pressure cooker really blew the whistle up and now the neighbours know .
    Her hands and feet have been severed neat but still she can opt to wear her gloves and the gum boots and take a walk around the kitchen to see how her chopped up self is gonna be served
    So much for the raw meat .its retro though but not stale

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