Man Shoots Himself in Face After Argument with Wife

Man Shoots Himself in Face After Argument with Wife

A 50-year-old man shot himself in the face with a shotgun after getting into an argument with his wife. The incident occurred in the Paranaíta municipality of Mato Grosso, Brazil. He was still conscious when authorities arrives and he was taken to Regional Hospital in Alta Floresta, Mato Gross, where he was treated and had facial reconstruction performed. No word on exactly what the argument was about. But seriously, dude, no need to blow your top! Hahaha.

Thanks Pinky!

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37 thoughts on “Man Shoots Himself in Face After Argument with Wife

  1. I don’t get why people do this kind of shit to themselves. I’ll show you.. I’ll shoot my face off. No one is worth shooting your face off for, or shooting your dick off for… etc. LOL, Christ…. wouldn’t it be easier to just end the relationship with your face still intact and move on?

  2. Beleive me it was hard for me to go on
    so I had my mind made up to blow my face off
    It was Goddamn too hard to convince her but I am gonna go on and try still

    Basically the argument was all about her not readying herself in to buying my story when I told her how it felt to be this gay . …………..with this fucking face all I can do is to lend my butt and gaped up mouth for a few dollars more to the best face fucker in town .
    Ciao I need a nap

    • Hahaha @GoryCory you have taken hilarity to its very peak !! ,
      “posing for a PlayGore magazine…..
      and he has these words to croon
      “Hey girl”?

      To me he appears undeterred and confident and the pose he struck seems outright challenging meaning to say, Hey , just watch your back girl , this argument ain’t got over as yet , just lemme get outta here

  3. Look like he make profile pics for new date website now he single. He just need nice bio now to meet with sexy womens. ‘Hopeless romantic to take bullet for you. Likes: soup, straws and soup. Dislikes: loud bangs and people who call ‘shotgun’ all time.’

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