Young Girl Decapitated For Not Paying Drug Debts

Young Girl Decapitated For Not Paying Drug Debts

A young girl named Luana Franco from Cascavel, Parana, Brazil, was decapitated by drug suppliers that she owed money to. I’m not sure how old she is but she looks pretty young, too young to be involved in whatever she was involved in. Obviously with the wrong people if they decapitate a young girl over owed money for drugs, but this is Brazil so why would I be shocked. I can watch almost anything, but the sounds in this one.. ugh.

Thanks to @mrspink!!

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75 thoughts on “Young Girl Decapitated For Not Paying Drug Debts

  1. Now wait a sec those eyes belie her innocence and age . I am sure she was doing drugs and her droopy eyes telling her sorry side are worth a thousand words . She must have been neck deep in debt and end results could have been anyone’s guess when a Godforsaken place named Brazil is mentioned before ya .

  2. Holy shit man. I’ve been a gore fan for ages–my first beheading video was Nicholas Burg by ISIS. I can watch just about anything. But this video fucking blew my mind–I could NOT imagine dying this way. It was such a prolonged murder and I think of how she must feel knowing fully well she’s being snuffed out. This is pure animalistic savagery. Swear I’m gonna have nightmares after this shit. Uuuugh!

  3. If you to owe drug dealer money better to be pot dealer. Then you just tell him to ‘chill out man’ or ‘we should blaze up’. After smoke and happy times pot dealer forget you even to owe him money. Congratulations Mrs Girl for make post Brazil version of ‘this is your brain on drugs’ video.

  4. I’m not sure how many of you looked up her facebook profile, but I just did. There are pictures of her with acid on her tongue–sadly, that’s exactly what likely cost her her life. She was seemingly a very sweet girl and quite pretty. My gosh to die over some white blotter. SMH. You can find her by searching “Luana Franco Parana”.
    Btw, it looks like she was killed at home–the leopard blanket on her bed on FB is also next to her in the video. This still makes me heartsick.

  5. And each and single one of you fucks that watched end enjoyed this, you will be visited and get just fucked up.

    I am a part of the new world order. You filthy dogs who enjoy in this sort of filth, are unworthy of existance. You are scum, your are dead.

    Stulltitia in mors, Iiustitia in Vita.

  6. No, hello now.

    You all have family right? Tossing the thread over to them. Enjoy a good Christmas discussion about your surfing habits. I am sure it will make for a good talk around the Christmas table.

    Death fetish female, Mother of one.

    Kitt, Mother, of two.

    Yeah, social services contacted.

    Next week, we continue. Hope ya all have a nice weekend, you sick and sad people.

  7. I’m gutted, this is by far my favourite beheading video, I visit it often. But for some reason it won’t play for me anymore. ??
    I don’t know why it’s my favourite, maybe it’s because of the noises she makes, or because of all that lovely blood. I especially love when her eyes widen as he cuts deeper towards the end of the video. ??

  8. This could have my baby girl. If she had a drug problem I would resolve it somehow rather than killer someone who could been my daughter. This was very hated to see. I would have paid her drug debt then send her to rehab, Thoughts asshole killed a daughter I could of had.

  9. This video pisses me the hell off! It’s like the perp is using a miniature letter opener to behead her. Ugh. If you know you’re going to chop someone’s head off, at least bring tools that are appropriate for the job. Next thing you know, some dumbass is going to try and decapitate someone with keys. I can’t even cut duct tape with my keys, let alone a head.

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