More Victims in Youth Detention Riot

More Victims in Youth Detention Riot

As we have seen previously some Brazilian teens started a riot and it seems they’re at it again. This riot took place at Fundação de Atencion Socioeducativo in Caruaru where seven boys, ages 14-18 were killed. Inmates created a fire using furniture and mattresses, broke doors and threw stones at the officers. Six of the victims had been burned with one missing a leg while the seventh had severed hands. Oh the joys of the Brazilian Life!

A big thank you to @theluvmuscle for the pics!!

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22 thoughts on “More Victims in Youth Detention Riot

  1. Out in the streets
    The dogs are on the run
    The cats are all in heat
    Out in the night
    Spiders all around you
    Spinning webs and make you pray
    Tie you up and you can’t get away
    Bad boys running wild
    If you don’t play along with their games
    Bad boys running wild
    And you better get out of their way

    @theluvmuscle I am happy for ya for atleast ya got some of your stuff showing hereon …………….keep it coming man

    • @blucon…Ahhh, Thanks man. I think I put up a bit too much of a bitch there. Bad day all ’round. But I see ya got a good heart there for the downtrodden. 😉 Appreciate it. Now I’m feelin’ like a dog with his tail between his legs not knowing what to do or how to feel. I was never really for the mention, just to see some work put up, but now think I was being a bit misunderstanding. Sometimes I get a bite and can’t let it go so easy and too old to learn anew.

      • Well thanks bud
        @theluvmuscle See you tried your very best and who says it got bitched up this bad
        Never for a moment lose your heart . .. mind you fella there always are good days and the Bad days as well and I don’t give a damn or care a heck either
        And ofcourse who the fuck will want a bed of roses ‘ a bit of thorny life that has ya bleed makes life all the more interesting …….
        There always comes a time when all that what you seek doesn’t come through at once but when you tend to get laid back it comes up throwing surprises and that proves to be a bonanza .
        On a lighter note though I would say you did feel slightly ignored ..didn’t ya ? but that’s not the case ye got a good heart and ye can fart too

        A little of contribution goes a long way in keeping all members hooked up so keep up the spirit and give your best shot as and when you can .
        Have a truck load of fun!

  2. The brazilian dilema… If you stay out and dont commit a crime, you die victim of a random robbery… if you commit a crime and dont get caught by police, vigilantes will lynch you to death, and if you go to prison, you die an horrible death. 😀 In Brazil its a true challenge to die of old age… 😆

    • One must be truly lucky to get past their 40’s and to be somewhere near 50s and beyond must be like a dream come true and truly challenging to fight through all odds and still be able to see another day

      Brazil …. a destination is like an odd dot on the world map .. it needs a little bit of erasure to set things right

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