Bloated Couple Turn Themselves Into Bloated Corpses

Bloated Couple Turn Themselves Into Bloated Corpses

A couple in Araruama, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil killed themselves by hanging and turned into some nasty bloated corpses. Not only did they off themselves, but they killed their dog, too. Now what the fuck did the dog have to do with anything? Fucking assholes, man. Apparently, according to info obtained by authorities, the man and woman killed themselves as part of some “religious ritual”, but details are lacking. I can’t imagine they looked much better when they were alive though…

On a side note: I love people-watching at Walmart, it’s always a good way to boost your own self esteem.

Thanks @mrspink!

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32 thoughts on “Bloated Couple Turn Themselves Into Bloated Corpses

    • @icthulhu Religitards cracks me up. I’m going to use that. I was going to say at least this time they only hurt themselves but nearly forgot about the dog. RIP buddy. I guess the silver lining is that all dogs go to heaven (which isn’t a place but a frame of mind which if you want to find: emulate a dog).

  1. I have a theory on why they offed themselves. Notice the blue ribbon around the man’s neck? Look real close and you can see what looks like a child’s face attached to it. I wonder if they recently lost a child and we’re so grief stricken they decided life was not worth living for. Maybe in their religious belief they would be with their child and brought the dog with them.

    • You might be right. I zoomed in and could definitely see a picture of someone on the ribbon. I wonder if the color of the ribbon holds any significance? Like how a pink ribbon is the symbol for breast cancer awareness.

  2. Both orang-utans had flee from their pack and they had this nasty habit of swinging on to roof tops celings you name it anything and everything . They actually were trying to build in a nest when the noose for support tightened

    alas but the Motherfuckers took away the innocent animal with them ……………..and that was cruel
    so in a religious ritual in the craziest of countries named Brazil you kill the fuck up whoever keeps moving around it anyone not even the loyal boy they spared .
    Look at their body size they probably were fending themselves eating pythons ……theirs is a good riddance atleast the earth is feeling ligher today

  3. I don’t get it… which part of this ritual would have brought them closer to God ??? So they committed suicide… big fucking deal… it ain’t no ritual… it’s the chicken coward way out… God won’t take you back when you’ve done shit like this …of course you’re free to do whatever you want …oh !! I know what it was!! they must have found out that the whole religion they followed was bullshit …therefore they were left with no other alternative …sorry this is the only thing that makes sense at this point… after all what religion is there that tells you to go hang yourself and God will be happy???

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