Big Green Bloater Being Examined on the Slab

Big Green Bloater Being Examined on the Slab

Good morning gore hounds, fiends and freaks. Lets start the day off right with a nice juicy green bloater courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Obli and his awesome side kick, @mrspink. The six minute video will be of interest to any of you with a fascination for bloaters (such as yours truly) and the cell phone ringing early into the proceedings adds a humorous element as well. No actual autopsy is performed on the body which is disappointing because an autopsy on a bloated greenie is a wet dream to this fucking gore fiend but alas…

Appears to be South East Asia, and given the amount of Muslim females, I’d made the educated guess that it’s South Thailand or Malaysia considering those borderlands both suffer that particular affliction.

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27 thoughts on “Big Green Bloater Being Examined on the Slab

  1. Those sharkish tooth just stayed put like some gritters .Last heard he was gritting and teasing someone by the river bank when he slipped and fell to his death . and now he is turned a mighty bloater who likes being examined for all the Algae that he ate .
    stay-green mutants resemble something like this .

  2. So that’s why there were so many muslim women there. They haven’t seen a cock since they were in their preteens, when their scumbag, child raping husbands were done with them because they were too old for the pieces of shit pedophiles.

    Disclaimer: That was not a joke. Just a sad observation of that subhuman, pathetic excuse of a pedophile religion.

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