Man Beheaded By Filipino Extremists

Man Beheaded By Filipino Extremists

Since I don’t speak fluent Goat Fucker.. I don’t really know why this man is being beheaded, he probably didn’t pray to Allah 129 times in one day or something. I’m also not sure which extremist group they belong to. I just know they’re Allahu Akbaring an awful lot. My favorite Asian from the Philippines tells me that the most prevalent terrorist group there is MILF.. no not that kind of MILF. I know that Abu Sayyaf is also a very well known terrorist group in the Philippines. Okay, be honest @staciejaxx, did he eat your dog so you had him beheaded? Allahu Akbar.

Thanks to @benjaminluckytroublemaker for the video!

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44 thoughts on “Man Beheaded By Filipino Extremists

  1. Holy shit that spray!!! That was amazing, fucked up I know but damn that surprised me. I was caught off guard with that. wow.

    Hahaha I don’t speak fluent goat fucker Hahaha. ?. That was funny. Hey has anyone played that Muhammad simulator game? It’s him and you make him Fuck goats and other animals, even men.

  2. Is it just me that cannot watch videos on this site? It was OK up until recently. Tried with Firefox 49.0.2 with add-on disabled. Message “No video with supported format and MIME type found”.

    The last video I watched was this one “” although the video player is now missing off the page. Just a big black gap where it should be….

  3. Funny isn’t it when you get caught fucking someone else’s goat and forget chanting your goat fucking prayers ………. For a while I just thought the guy would just sprint away to glory as he kept staring hard towards the open spaces
    but then the knife wielder seemeed too eager to slay him down and the bloke hadn’t had a chance
    It isn’t a nice idea to do someone to death when they come wearing a smart outfit and that makes me say Allahu Ak..Bare

  4. That sound always gets me. It sounds like air escaping right when they first sink the blade in. Or maybe it’s the sound of the blood spraying, or the victim screaming after his vocal chords were cut? Whatever it is, it always gives me a shudder ?

  5. Is it just me…But I am starting to find beheadings boring, these sand niggers need to start coming up with better ways of killing. I like the explosive wires around neck, being run over by a tank and the RPG’s. Thats some interesting ways to eliminate someone…

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