Half of Man’s Head Eaten Away By Maggots

Okay.. I’ve sat here and watched this video at least seven times and even though I’m actually starting to itch and feel shit crawl on me, I still can’t stop watching. For some reason this is the creepy stuff that fascinates me. A man with advanced Myiasis aka maggot infestation is shown with half of his scalp eaten away. Another man with maggots galore that was more than likely homeless and did not seek help or couldn’t find help. Regardless, I cannot imagine having creepy crawlers crawling around and eating away at my head until the point that my skull is showing. Ugh, did I mention I’m feeling things crawling on me now?

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40 thoughts on “Half of Man’s Head Eaten Away By Maggots

  1. was hoping they would show his face. Maybe they could lean him back in a barber chair and give him a nice wash and rinse off all those little rice boogers. Would like to see that in HD
    btw it didn’t make me itch, it made me hungry! jk My toads would have loved them

  2. Those maggots probably saved his life even though his scalp looks totally disgusting. They were more than likely part of some treatment for an infection where the skin over the scalp died off and bleeding occurred. If you loook at the video again there is bleeding around the edge of the scalp and between the hair and the scalp, the maggots do a double job of sucking up the blood and getting rid of any dead skin.

  3. Here we see the tragic results of long term Breakdancing Addiction. This poor man prefers the headspin as his move of choice. I believe he set the record for consecutive revolutions on hardwood of sixteen days and 364,466 360’s, but that was training-wheel aided and there was controversy with respect to the duration of some of his hourly rest periods. Oh wait, I confused him with another guy. Doh! This guy is just a floor buffer that requires a replacement head. πŸ˜›

  4. I thought that was made to order some sorta well crafted skull cap ………………. the best thing he would need at hand is a vacuum cleaner to suck in all those creepsters to get him ready for a good head massage or else vigorous fapping can have every maggot fall and set him free .

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