Beating Heart of Man With Chest Cut Open

Beating Heart of Man With Chest Cut Open

Kay again speaking for Nextie because she is in rehab for her Taco Bell addiction.

After this guy gets fixed up with some third world doctor with incredible skill, he shall be renamed, ‘xingyun’ – the Chinese word for rucky. Whoops, I mean ‘lucky.’

What are the odds, huh? Think about it; a chest wound so large but missed his heart. He cheated death! And here he is, telling us in detail but in Spanish of what happened to him. What are the odds that despite his big, gaping, breathing chest hole that he can still talk? Xingyun is quite the embodiment of his nickname.

Xingyun or whatever your real name is and if you are still alive, please tell me you have that thing like what Tony Stark has on his chest.

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41 thoughts on “Beating Heart of Man With Chest Cut Open

  1. This is in brazil… The guy apparently had this before and when he coughed it reopened the wound. Probably from heart surgery. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can barelly understand what he says because of his accent, but ill try to translate as best as i can.

    Guy – “(…) how did i do this mess, heh? When i was gonna cough i didnt had it… Yesterday we cleared this whole thing, but for what? To avoid it further, isnt it?”

    Nurse – “Yeah…”

    Guy – “Otherwise this will blow up…”

    Nurse – “This… im just gonna take a picture here, and im gonna send it to the boss, alright?”

    Guy – “Alright”

    Nurse – “…to see what hes gonna do…”

    Guy – “Nah, thats alright.”

    Nurse – “I think hes gonna just put a little iron in there upwards, then hes just gonna open it up just a little bit, and hes gonna close it.”

    Guy – “Hmm… yes.”

    Nurse – “You know, you cannot cough…”

    Guy – “Nah ill clear this, with antibiotics, i will clear it… yeah, its not much, but this thing grew even more!”

    Nurse – “Huhuh…”

  2. Awesome vid, thanks Nextie… or Kay, whoever did the post lol. This really makes me wonder what my own heart looks like and apparently you can cut your chest open and see it for yourself… if I ever get really drunk or really high I might attempt it.

  3. All he did was cough and that shit happens? So all these yearly physicals my doctor had me turn my head and cough and she was checking the wrong body part? I wonder if she likes me and just wanted a fondle, or if she was just curious if my other one would grow back?

  4. For the love and open chest beating hearts, get that poor man to an operating room STAT
    Maybe some metal thingies to hold together the ribcage? Hell I don’t know. but I think I could screw those thingies in if you give them to me. Sure, what does he have to lose?

  5. Sorry for my French even though I’m British what the mother fuckin hell shit fuck omgggg ? BTW we don’t talk like that, but omg he must be on serious pain killers not to scream in pain, damn you can see the pins that came apart and didn’t hold his chest together. Hope he’s ok though.

  6. I’m not even a doctor and I could’ve done a better job at closing him up. I’d just get my pneumatic staple gun, push his rib cage together and go to town stapling his shit closed. I’m not saying it will be painless, but at least he will stay closed when I’m done with him. Doctors make the simplest shit more difficult than it needs to be. Fucking overpaid pussies.

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