Grandmother Drops Four Month Old Baby to His Death

Grandmother Drops Four Month Old Baby to His Death

This tragic accident happened in the Wu Yu Plaza department store in Shanghai, China, on November 11th. A grandmother, her grandchildren, and her daughter and mother to the children were getting on an escalator that was apparently in power save mode, which means when someone steps onto the escalator it speeds up. When the grandmother who was holding her four month old grandson stepped onto the escalator, it sped up and she lost her balance dropping the baby 30 feet to the ground. The baby was listed in critical condition but died this morning(November 13th). I can’t even imagine how the grandmother feels. I doubt she will ever get over it.

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40 thoughts on “Grandmother Drops Four Month Old Baby to His Death

  1. Jeez-zus fuck ! …. that’s truly awful. I don’t “think” granma will get over it, I KNOW she WONT EVER get over it! That shit weighs too much on a persons heart and mind.
    Fuckin Steel Dragon ? claims another one.
    How is China’s court of law system? This could/should be a huge lawsuit…or do they just say too bad…Wong place at wong time,that’s life…

  2. I can’t help but think it would have turned out differently had the lady with the little girl went first, allowing the grandma to adjust to an already sped up escalator. I’m glad there’s no after photos of the little toddler.

  3. This is heartbreaking. I debated on watching the video and when I did… My heart stopped when the baby fell. Worst fears when holding a baby is dropping the baby. I couldn’t live with myself. What can anyone say to that? How do you go about telling the parents of child who died your sorry for their loss? Saying I’m sorry for your loss to a parent who is devastated and in so much pain won’t do much. Yes it shows that you are sorry and wish it on no one and feel for them but I think there’s no words to say that can make them feel better at any point. They say time heals all wounds but for some it never heals.

    • @eyez2die4 This gave me a flashback I didn’t want to remember. My eldest was about 3-4 months old when they came to steam clean the carpets at the apt complex. What no one told me was the steam made the tile entry slippery. I was holding my baby when my stocking feet slid out from under me causing me to fall backwards. Luckily, I’m morbidly obese, and I instinctively pulled her into my breast and stomach and took the entire fall. I still had her checked out at the ER to make sure everything was okay and there wasn’t any brain injury. I was glad there was a huge amount of bruising showing on my hip and back, because I got the “shaken baby” stares by the nurses.

  4. It looked so fucking deliberate ………
    How such a fat arse can be so careless complacent and not to mention so fucking feeling not being on to something where she was supposed to be all focused carrying that baby around .
    She let go that kid simply and that’s a murder
    Prison is where she is supposed to be from now on

    • @blucon Your comment shows true compassion for the baby, I think most of us are very sad and/or pissed off that this happened.

      Also remember, she could have dropped the little guy immediately to grab the rail, which would seem very selfish in the moment, or could have fallen forward, probably badly hurting him, so in that split second decision like that, our instincts would clearly be to hang on to him first and keep stable, that’s what she did.

      I’m sure the grandma is thinking that those first two options may have been the better result for the child, rather than falling 30ft to his death, but none of us are wired to let go of a baby that we’re carrying the second we lose our balance.

      • @re-pete ……….I would say whatever the circumstances for when you are entrusted being an elderly person …you gotta do what ya gotta do . I am still dumbstruck as to what made her lose her grip so easily ..since ya see her just scamble down and suddennly without much of a shudder or any violent jerks ya find her losing balance as if on purpose and she wasn’t frail even .
        she simply let go that toddler off and that might not have been the first time she was up and down the escalator .
        Wired or not but that seemed pretty much coming .
        at one moment she seemed to clearly go grab less as if with a hideous intent knowing what needs done next …clockwork ya call it

  5. I think we all agree that the “power saver” mode is dangerous as fuck. Especially since I don’t see any obvious signs posted warning you of a sudden jerk, but then again I don’t read Chinese, so i guess there could be. Apparently New York has some, but when you step on them, they GRADUALLY accelerate over a period of a few seconds. Maybe this particular one malfunctioned? Either way, I think I’ll take the stairs in China. Poor baby ?

  6. Pfft, stupid bitch. A dumb old lady who didn’t even look fit to hold a child and an escalator made in China… there was only one way that could’ve turned out. Oh and what do ya know, the baby died on my birthday to.

  7. Omg that’s just terrible! I can’t even blame anyone, so sorry for the Granny. My Grandpa was a War Vet with destroyed hip joints and also got out of balance quickly. Glad we lived in the country and no building’s higher than 2 floors. He meant well but dropped me by accident, glad I just got a contusion.

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