Dead Woman’s Chest Sawn Open During Autopsy

Dead Woman's Chest Sawn Open During Autopsy

A quick upload here. Short but sweet video shows a woman (who apparently lost a paintball fight) on the slab, getting her rib cage sawn through. Nothing much to the video but the sounds of the saw cutting and the flopping of the body creates a certain ambience if you’re more akin to the appreciation of death. As is yours truly.

Thanks to @mrspink.

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  1. I’m getting really tired of sending in some really good content and never seeing any of it here in the last couple months, for whatever reason. No one sends me a reply or a ‘got it, thanks, maybe we’ll use it’ or if not, why not. Boo hoo. But I’m done looking for it. Guess Elmaspison had the same problem too. Waste of time.

    • We have had some personal issues lately and we haven’t been keeping up with mail as we should be, but with that said, a lot of the content you send in has the wrong info and pictures from two completely unrelated articles or are 5 to 6 years old. We don’t usually reply because I personally set up an automatic confirmation email that everyone receives when they send in content. What is the point in setting that up and then sending another email to tell you we got it? No one is making you send in content. We appreciate it but not if you’re going to complain about it. And you really shouldn’t speak on things you know nothing about. We never received anything from elmaspison besides one article he sent and those were just watermarked recently ready to be published. You have complained more than once, more than twice about what we post. We all have lives and jobs. We do what we can when we can. @theluvmuscle

      • Can’t, no, won’t hold my tongue on this one! @luvmuscle, here’s a kleenex. Go cry to your mom. After all that these people do for us, you’ve got the audacity to cry over something so fuckin trivial? Wow, just fuckin’ wow..

        • @mammason01…Wow..Wow, Just fucking wow. The audacity to cry over something so trivial. Just… Fucking, Wow? Oh. wow… All the things these people do for us. Just.. Just Fucking wow. Trivial. Wow!!!. The audacity… Wow!!! To have the audacity to question anything… Just… Just… Fucking, wow! Wow!! To question these people… Wow! Such audacity. Can’t… No… Tongue paralysis… Trivial. I cried on my mommies tit because of you. And… Just, wow! I used paper towels instead of kleenex. But…Wow! My mom is dead BTW, but thanks for the referral Kristy@mammason01.

      • @yournextexgirl. your wrong about “most of the stuff I send is old”. After speaking with one of you there by email and understanding better what you guys need in order to post, I began sending in 90 % very recent stuff unless it looked really interesting. I looked for no watermarks and stuff without any copyright issues. Exactly the things you wanted and I saw many times the content I sent to you posted on the other site days after I sent it to you. Also a few that were posted here from others. I know you are all busy and “have lives” (Your implication being that I don’t? Arrogant?) And refresh my mind on any complaint I made other than this one, please. And don’t turn a reasonable question I asked about what it is that you would like exactly for content…What are your requirements, etc? I have been respectful to you all in all of my dealings with you and have never had any reason to complain before. I felt I was trying to help this site succeed and wanted to send in great content for you guys. Also, about sending in an article with the photo of Miss Bum Bum Brazil, that was a joke if that was what you were referring to about content from unrelated articles. Your automatic “thank you” thingie also doesn’t work 90% of the time, but that’s not the issue. I think that if someone goes out of their way for you to send in some good stuff, it would be reasonable to use some of it once in awhile. I know you have used some of what I sent in months ago, but that just stopped. So, if one any of you had a problem with me, perhaps you could have said something about it and we could have got it worked out. Thanks.

        • You take everything too personal. By saying we have lives.. that means exactly that. We have lives. We don’t sit on our asses and post content 24/7 like some people do. We don’t get paid to do this. We are paying out of our own pockets to keep this site up. I don’t care what is posted on “that other site”. If we don’t get to check mail then we don’t see the content. We appreciate you sending in content but like I said we haven’t been keeping up with it as we should. You’re complaining right now. If you don’t want to send content in.. simply don’t. If so, we are grateful and appreciative and will get to it when we can. In fact I just fixed images from something you sent in. What I mean by two unrelated articles is that there are pics from two separate scenes. For example you sent in an article about a female soldier biting her superior’s dick off. The info was wrong and had pictures from different articles put together to make one article that wasn’t even true. That is what I mean. If it was personal then we would be just like the other site now wouldn’t we? No one has a problem with you. If I had a problem with you, trust me I would not be shy about it. @theluvmuscle

      • @yournextexgirl, hey hun was the crucified bloater I sent in to old?? I’m not sure of date. He looked “fresh” ?to me. I tried to find info for it but that’s all I could find. I thought it looked pretty cool and the other bloater i sent in I tried to find info on that as well but it came up to BitchesGalore and I didn’t resend it in due to me not thinking it would be accurate info.

      • PLEASE don’t turn this site into another BG, guys. 🙁 People were getting along, it was about the gore again. It wasn’t all sexist, racist, anti religious and overly sexualized. (Except that one guy.) It was nice having a place where people put their differences aside and focused on a common interest, blood, guys and gore.

        Oh, and this wasn’t meant to be directed at anyone in particular, it was more for everyone.

          • I’m just worried that people will start arguing about things all the time. It seems like that’s becoming the norm almost everywhere people interact online now. It’s really been nice having a place where people get along and aren’t arguing and bitching. It’s rare.
            I don’t think it’s necessarily headed in that direction, but this is sort of my happy place, and I’m scared because it’s just a baby right now. The election and all the arguing and b.s. has me really stressed out right now, and I really need my happy place to keep me sane.

          • Of course we aren’t doing that. That the whole foundation of what we created. We didn’t want drama but people do it anyway. That doesn’t mean we will start deleting comments or banning people. That’s not what or who we are.

    • @theluvmuscle

      Remember… when you criticize you’re actually complaining… when you disagree you’re actually condescending… and when you defend yourself you’re taking it too personal…

      The new boss is the same as the old boss… but only in a sleek 90210 version…

    • @theluvmuscle
      I understand your frustration but please try to understand that some of the content we couldn’t use and things that we are able to we’re working on. I think it’s important for everyone to know that like @yournextexgirl said, we are trying to find a balance of our every day lives and this site. This is all still very new and we’ve had a lot of obstacles to overcome and we’re still facing those. I can say we have been looking at updates but it’s a matter of trying to find one that doesn’t mess with the format of the site as it is. We’ve also come up with a game plan in order to help weed out the content submitted and issues/questions members have from all of the other crap we receive on a daily basis. It’s a work in progress and we’re just trying to get the work flow down. There’s a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that you guys aren’t aware of simply because we want to try to fix it without any hiccups in the site. I can say that I haven’t been good about getting content out there and I apologize for my lack of effort lately but I’m going to change that. We appreciate everyone who sends in their content and we do want to use what is sent, we’re just trying to work out all the kinks but we will get there.

        • @littlefoot and @obli… An argument with my wife last night didn’t help with my attitude and I thank you LF for your more reasoned response. I get it. Thanks for not talking down to me. It has been important for me to see you and this site succeed. And I probably have no idea what “crap” you all have been dealing with trying to deal with all the ‘downs’ you have had to endure in keeping it going. And for anyone else who wants to throw their 2 cents in, I really don’t give a shit if I get a ” Best props to me” mention. It is just nice to see that some time and work are acknowledged with content posted for all to enjoy that was found through a lot of time searching for. I like to see when everyone gets a good kick out of something that I found. I’m sure you would as well. I’m just sharing with you all when something good I find is posted. That’s all. It’s like dragging home a good bone for all of us to chew on. And, BTW, I’m learning how to understand Portuguese pretty good as well. And @mammason01… Take a hike.

          • If you think I was talking down to you then you are mistaken. Considering your attitude I was very nice and respectful. I work my ass off doing things for this site. You have no idea what goes into this. 9 hours in ONE day spent working with our host to bring the site back online. So you work for hours and hours on something and then have someone complain because you didn’t post his content quick enough.. we’ll see how you handle it. @theluvmuscle

          • @yournextexgirl. Considering YOUR attitude! Cut the crap. If it’s too hard then don’t take it out on me. “Quick enough”? Maybe ‘not at all’ is a better term. Don’t make it sound as if you were even trying. That’s BS and you know it. Like I said to LF, what is it you are so angry at me about? You got a real chip on your shoulder for me and I don’t even know why. Stop the BS Nextie and tell me what your problem with me is because it sounds personal, though I can’t figure out why. You are over doing the angry thing. So, you’re going to take my statement of “maybe being in a not so good mood” and use it against me now. That’s a real cheap shot, but it is the truth. I am very reserved and almost never complain or bitch about anything that seems unfair or not right. But now, you have me believing that it must be personal, and for what, I don’t know. Why the anger at me for a simple statement of how I felt? Quick enough. Cut the crap

          • She doesn’t have any personal beef with you, she’s just pretty upset that you’re complaining about your content not getting posted. You, however, seem to take it personally.

            She works hard on the website because she’s the one who built it after all. Built it from scratch, really. If something screws up then she’s the one who takes care of it, not all of us do because websites aren’t the expertise of the most of us. I, personally am a novice so I can’t offer much help when something goes wrong.

            Much as I’d like to dedicate more time for the website, I couldn’t because I have to answer to emails 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and answering more emails than I get from work is stressful for me so emails aren’t monitored much as we want to. We don’t like taking things personally because our personal lives itself is pretty stressful enough. We all have to manage households, get to work, take care of relationships and the like.

          • @staciejaxx & @yournextexgirl & @littlefoot & @obli and @gorycory. Kay, why are you speaking for Nextie in our discussion? “Taking it personally”…I explained exactly why I had a reason to ‘comment’ (or “take it personally”, as you state, which is condescending and disrespectful of my statement). I gave you my reason for my “complaint, explained exactly why I ‘felt’ the way I did and now you step in to explain her disrespect and condescension. It is as if you hadn’t read a word I wrote in regards to this. I do understand your hard work and dedication to RGM, but I do not think that you take into consideration the work some of us RGM supporters do for you and for the members here. When you needed money, I asked you all where and how I could contribute, a bit late, but not one of you ever got back to me about how I could donate. When I asked you what “exactly” you needed for posting your content, you gave me a reasonable idea, but then never after used my contributions. I explained, above, that I have been dedicated to this site since the beginning and wanted to help, but after sending in at least 75 good articles, you disregarded them all and actually posted the same ones days later from another contributor and some of the articles I saw days later at “the other site”. It is disrespectful for you to complain back at me about what you say is “I am taking it too personal” and “complaining”. If at first, you all could have said, “yes, we are having a hard time” instead of calling me a complainer and “taking it too personally” I would have let it go. But your defensiveness and turning things back on me, instead of explaining nicely, what was the problem, you kept this thing going. I am not the problem here. I have done more than my share here in providing you with good content because I was hoping to support you with your endeavor. I don’t care for kudos. But don’t make me out to be a complainer or an attention hog because you haven’t used the stuff I sent you. That is a lie. If you can’t, or don’t want to use what I send you, tell me in a straight foreword way and explain why. I took the time for you… Take the time, without the condescension, to tell me what’s up. If it’s too hard, then say so. And, maybe you can explain the reason Mrs. Pinks contributions are always posted and how hers are different from the rest of ours. What she does differently that helps you all be able to live your lives more easily without spending too much time here? Then maybe we all would be able to contribute. Save you all time, etc

          • Nobody’s banning you or Gnat. You can be as offensive to us as you want. Look at Fighting Irish, he’s back. My very own fiance is mad at his ass over the stuff he told me on Best Gore, and the hits he had at me about ‘niggers’ before. My fiance is black. I have known him for almost three years and we are together for more than a year and a half. I am not devoid of emotions. For a very long time, I hid that fact because I know I am gonna get backlashed for that especially since I can see the animosity people in here have against people of color, including me, a third world Asian. I understand what people feel. That also happens to be my field of study. You can see Fighting Irish walking around here. He still has his account up. You think I enjoy those nigger jokes people pull? Or those ‘I enjoy seeing Asians dead’ jokes people pull? Of course not. I don’t. If anything, I find those offensive. Did I silence people? Of course not. I may not agree with what you say but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t allow you to say it. You may say as you please, that’s the whole of the law here.

            You have explained your side, I have explained mine however, no amount of complaining you do is going to change the fact that this is the way that it is. We never asked you to help with RGM nor did we invite anyone to do so. I have explained before that submissions are reviewed and whether it is published or otherwise is within our discretion. Also, you are complaining. Most of what you have sent us are outdated and the galleries don’t match one another. We have everything you sent on record and yes, we understand you are prolific that’s why in the email, you have your own folder. You sent in a great deal of stuff. Unfortunately, most of those we can’t utilize. Why are you so mad about it? Are you asking that we publish what you sent just to please you? You even messaged Nextie one time about you posting animal gore and something else I can’t recall. You’re making us turn against each other and you think we’re the bad guys?

            Mrs Pink puts a great deal of work in her content. She had to do a lot more than just an internet search to give us what you most see. That’s why she gets a lot of things firsthand before it hits anywhere in the internet. Not many people has access to what she has access with. We have established that we do not post other content from other sites as well, especially prominent websites. Not because MrsPink is our favorite, no. She sends in the most more than anyone. Including you. She’d send in at most 5 a day and that is everyday except on slow days. She gets it from her source before it hits any gore shelves and sends it to us. What reasons do we have not to use what she sends? Furthermore, not everything she sends gets published. So you aren’t alone on that. You never heard her complain. If you want to do what she does then why don’t you go ask her?

            We appreciate what people do for us. I can try to name each and everyone who sent in content and money, and those who have offered to do so. Don’t put words in my mouth. When you asked where you can donate, maybe it’s because our Go Fund Me page got closed and we have exceeded our goal. Why else would we take your money? Do you think we do things to spite you? Of course not. We don’t think like that. We don’t think, Oh, it’s from theluvmuscle. I wouldn’t do this because I hate that guy. We don’t think of it like that. Also, we wouldn’t want to take any more money than what we intended to. We reached our goal and had an excess of $100. You guys are gonna get neat upgrades once we get it configured and once we get the time.

            Furthermore, quit comparing us to Best Gore. I know Best Gore behind the scenes. Don’t forget I worked there before. We are not like them except for the fact that we are both websites.

          • You know, you could set up your own site with the content you want to share. I have two blogs myself, neither have anything to do with gore, though. Mine were simple to set up and easy to use. They’re at, not WordPress. I’m not sure how different they are to use, or how much harder it is to post gore and have it stay up.
            Anyway, maybe you could start up your own and the guys here at rigoremortis could add a link to it.

        • @staciejaxx. After all this, you have so many excuses and BS to explain your crap. I really believed in you guys, but after this back and forth with 3 of you, against little old me? It’s a bunch of crap how you gang up on one person who critiques you for your BS about how you want to be inclusive and post what people send in as content and then don’t do what you say. You all just ganged up on me and said a bunch of BS about me, lied about me and acted like you were some “superior” people and as if I were some piece of crap to be thrown out with the trash. All I said in the start of this is that I was trying to be helpful here at RGM and you all became some real monsters attacking me for questioning you about why nothing I send in gets posted, even if it is good or not. What is your problem? Besides being busy, why the attack on me for simply asking you and telling you that I was tired of sending good content that you had instructed me on what was good and appropriate for you to post, and which was afterward never posted? You attack me for complaining when you had told me exactly what you wanted from me for content, which was then never used… After I had done what you told me was what you wanted. Grow up guys. Shitting on me after all this is big BS.

          • @staciejaxx. Exactly the immature crap I should have expected from you… Ever again. Without your’e ever wanting to understanding my point. Immature. Grow up.

          • @theluvmuscle
            I am not sure why you are saying 3 people have attacked you as I responded very respectfully and you even thanked me for my comment and I never spoke for @yournextexgirl she’s perfectly capable of speaking for herself. You said you had an argument with your wife that caused the attitude in your comment…well nextie has been dealing with shit for days with the site trying to fix problems and keep things going so as she explained that’s where her attitude came from although her first response to you wasn’t even aggressive. It’s been explained to you what the issues are and that we’re working on a better system but you just keep going and going. Bottom line is that you had content that wasn’t useable and some that you do is being worked on. Mrspink does not send us her content through emails and it’s directly through messages which is why it’s so easy to take her content and run with it. That is why you see her stuff up here more. We’ve already explained that we weren’t being good about keeping up with the emails and A LOT come through and so emailed content gets lost in the bullshit sometimes but we are organizing it so that doesn’t continue to happen. We need to let this topic go. It’s obvious you’re upset but I don’t know how else to explain this to you and personally I’d like to say I don’t appreciate you accusing me of attacking you.

          • @littlefoot Okay, you didn’t attack me and your note was very nice and explained a lot. Sorry for including you in that post. But there is some real “talking down to” at me by the other two and that kept it going. What’s up with that attitude? Condescending and so superior sounding. Without that, It would have been over and done with but being ‘talked down’ to by them, that’s not right. There was definitely a difference between your response to me and theirs that I am sure you cannot disagree with. I am such a forgiving person and always willing to reason things out with people, or just avoid confrontation altogether, but when someone throws that sort of attitude at me, I can’t let that go because rather than just deal with the issue at hand, they bring a whole new problem to bear with passive aggressive insulting, turning the blame on me, being so defensive and attempting to make my concern out to be petty, cry babyish and unwarranted. What is up with the high and mighty attitude? And also, most of my recent contributions have been well within your own standards for use as I have, months ago, asked and gotten feedback from Kay about what it is that makes content useable here. To me, it seems as if I got put on someones shit list for some reason and have been relegated to the “don’t bother with his stuff” trash bin. You have always said that you want us to send in good content that goes with the “gore” theme of RGM. That’s exactly what I have been doing and within, usually, the requirements. Once or twice I got something from Nigeria that was wrong and have since learned not to trust things from there. But, I thought that you, as publishers, would do your own research to further verify correct info for yourselves. So, out of a very many links and content I have sent to RGM, maybe a couple had incorrect info. If you guys always verify what you post, then why should it be brought up that I sent in incorrect content, as if I made a big mistake, enough to throw back at me and use it against me to validate Nexties and Kays response to me…As if I had done something, unforgivably wrong. That’s a really cheap shot at me in their response to me for why my content hasn’t been used for the last couple of months. I know you guys are busy and have lives and it was my thought to deliver to you guys enough stuff for you to have on hand to pick and chose from without having to go searching it out. My loyalty and dedication to you and RGM meant a lot to me and I have tried to be of service. But getting slammed with what came back at me when I voiced my concern, the condescension, talking down to me, partial truths about the content I sent in and calling me a complainer for saying what needed to be said was uncalled for, insulting and hurtful. But, thank you for your reply. You seem to be a voice of reason and have respect for your audience and supporters.

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