Big Time Criminal Beaten and Hanged in Prison

Big Time Criminal Beaten and Hanged in Prison

Big time criminal identified as “Bocao” and described as a “pistol matador”, was brutally beaten and then hanged by fellow inmates. I don’t speak Brazilian Portuguese, or Portuguese Portuguese for that matter, so hopefully one of our friends from Brazil or Portugal could translate what is being said about the bastard (@derkopfsammler, I’m looking at you). Apparently he was a somebody. A big gunman of the “EC”, whatever that means. Anyways, they fucked him up royally before stringing him up. Maybe they can just say that it was auto-erotic asphyxiation. It’s Brazil, not like they actually look into these gang related murders anyway.

Props to the Pink!

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16 thoughts on “Big Time Criminal Beaten and Hanged in Prison

  1. Alrighty then. 😆 Translation:

    “Decreed GDE (GDE from what i found is “Galera Da Esquina” (people from the corner) its one of the most famous gangs that is basically another group for justice)

    Runaway from justice: “Bocao” is being searched by police”

    name: Bocao
    motive: Hired gunman that kills for money”

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