Man With Maggot Infested Lip

Man With Maggot Infested Lip

I don’t have much info on this except that those are the most kissable lips I ever did see. No, really, gross. I’m not sure what happened to this guy but chances are he was probably homeless and allowed it to get this bad or had no way to get help for it, and the next thing he knew he had little maggots creeping around in his lip and mouth.

Thanks to @benjaminluckytroublemaker for the video!

And we have a new video host thanks to @MrsPink. She saved our asses. The videos may work a little differently on some browsers but we’re working with what we have at the moment. I’ll be reuploading the old videos as soon as I can.

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64 thoughts on “Man With Maggot Infested Lip

  1. $10 million Nextie! Would you french kiss him for 30 seconds??? Imagine scooping up a good amount of thst puss in your tongue and accidentally swallowing it! Feeling the maggots wiggle their way down your throat. Mmmmmmm, and I’m sure it has a wretched and foul stench of dead tissue too! But you can’t throw up, or you forfeit the money. Would you do it @yournextexgirl @littlefoot @staciejaxx? Come on, you’ll be set for life! Who would do it? What about $1 million to let him go down on you? ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. Only slightly off topic – but in my (humble) opinion @MrsPink has definitely earned herself a place at the “top table” of RGM.
    A painfully prolific source of content… and now it appears a saviour as far as finding a new host is concerned.
    Personally, I would like to say a HUGE thanks for your dedication to RGM @MrsPink

  3. Why.. Why the fuck do people let it get so bad? Fucking why. I understand different country’s people have a hard time with medical care but still. I also understand that it could be painful to touch but Fuck wash it out. Keep care of it, mend it, something… Fuck.

    • @gorycory I never understood the maggot therapy. Like when do the maggots know when to stop after eating dead tissue and not start chomping into live tissue? And using leeches to suck out putrid blood and pus. ecch! โ™ซ Don’t talk just kiss Let your tongue fool around โ™ช said Right Said Fred. I just watched the video, a lot of close up mouth action but not like this mush mouth in the post.

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