Brazilian Police Officer Performs Murder – Suicide

Brazilian Police Officer Performs Murder - Suicide

Murder-suicide from Brazil. A young police officer identified as Wellington Aparecido Landim killed his girlfriend and then himself in what appears to be an outdoor cafe or resturant. The identity of the woman hasn’t been released and it is unknown if they were still dating but possibly they were in the midst of a break up as that is usually what sparks this type of extreme reaction. “If I can’t have you, no one can”, that old chestnut. 🙄

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26 thoughts on “Brazilian Police Officer Performs Murder – Suicide

    • I had a cop a couple months ago that could barely see over my door when talking to me lol (little man syndrome). He was about five feet tall and gave me $500 in tickets. The only reason I didn’t tear him a new one was because he “threatened me” to give me more tickets and claimed he let me off “easy”. Can I get your guys opinion in getting pulled over? I feel like they always threaten you with more tickets just so your nice to them and don’t school their ass!! I bet thats everyone’s experiance. They threaten you to oppress your opinions. Sound framiliar?

      • @sexandsuicide
        Usually when I get pulled over, I usually end up making the fucker laugh, but I never question why I get pulled over because I already know why he’s pulling more over.

        But coming back from Texas, I wasn’t happy at all about having to pull to the side at one of the check points because that dick thought my story was a suspicious one because my rental car from Texas had Louisiana plates.
        I could have fought that and threatened them with that “am I being detained” while recording them, like on those YouTube videos, but I just let the doggie sniff around the car and I was free to go.
        I think we all get pissed when we get pulled over for suspicion though.
        I mean I’m not gonna tell the cop,
        “Why the hell did you have to catch me speeding for you dick!”

  1. She has a beautiful face… Perhaps he actually saved a few other guys lives by not letting her lead a few more broken hearted men down the road to a lonely suicide by taking her with him…(Sarcasm, okay?) And what’s up with the two guys holding hands in the one pic?
    @woodwork… The pansy assed snowflake kids? Yeah. A bunch of losers who are gonna get walked all over by everyone when their time comes. A blankie and a safe place is what they need. Maybe 20 years of therapy and sign up for social security for being too stressed out to handle life as it comes. But then again, these snowflakes who preach love and peace, etc, would most likely cut your throat for being of a little different from their way of thinking. Hypocrites and etc…

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