Chinese Woman Is Partially Scalped

Chinese Woman Partially Scalped

This strangely calm Chinese woman was partially scalped from head to cheek. I don’t have any info on how this happened, but oh my baby Jesus is she calm about it. Not to mention very lucky, it barely missed her eye. At least she didn’t lose her hair like others have, so that’s a plus.

Thanks to @BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker for the video!

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43 thoughts on “Chinese Woman Is Partially Scalped

  1. Damn, just keep peeling it back further why don’t ya! When the bandage first came off you couldn’t really tell anything had happened. Then the doctors had to play with the flap all the while pretending there was a medical purpose for doing so. Badass chick, in shock, or good drugs?

  2. Damn, that would’ve been awesome for Halloween! Reminds me of something out of Hellraiser. But seriously, i can’t imagine how much that hurts! ?

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