Morality basically teaches us what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s acceptable and what’s not. Morality is what’s keeping us from murdering an innocent child and morality helps us do charity. Morality comes from empathy as well. Without empathy, one could be void of morality. Legally speaking, most of the time psychopaths – a legal term for a psychological condition of a severity – are void of empathy therefore void of morality and would do, and kill, as they please for selfish satisfaction at the expense of others.

Morality is what’s keeping a lot of us in check not to murder and burn each other. Morality is a wonderful thing. It keeps us in harmony and it keeps me from stabbing the guy beside me on the bus who kept scratching his balls the entire trip. Yep, morality is quite the good thing because it holds us back from doing things that can severely harm others. It’s a great thing to keep yourself and others in check.

There are many rules in the world and I think some people should be spared the mercy of morality – rapists, serial killers and pedophiles are some of the people I can think of who shouldn’t walk the earth. What benefit are they to society? Keeping them behind bars for so long, giving them government funded assisted treatment and all these dues and processes that rake in the taxes we pay. I demand a fair trial, as much as everyone else deserves it. However, if they’re proven guilty on so many counts, why keep them alive? Pedophiles also share the top spot on my list along with sadistic serial killers. It’s frightening how there’s so many of them but what’s even more frightening is what they do to children especially babies. As if raping a toddler isn’t bad enough, other people get off on seeing and raping newborns. Some parents have children just so they have something to have sex with. Evil as it may but wouldn’t it be better that people like this end up dead? I surely wouldn’t lose any sleep to know that a notorious pedophile is dead. In fact, I’d even sleep better. Why do they deserve to live when all they do is ruin people’s lives for selfish reasons? Think of it as some sort of a parasite; all that parasites do is take in the nutrients from the host that eventually leads to deterioration and even death.

When I said I am not the beacon of morality, I meant it. It’s amazing how people can do the most heinous things to another person and it would take the very breath of God himself to forgive the man and well, there are times that even God himself didn’t forgive the very things he created. If the biblical God runs out of patience and he’s supposedly a being that created everything then why can’t we mere humans feel and do the same? I really think there is no god and that every once in a while there’s an anomaly in evolution like the 4000 genetic diseases known to man and pedophiles who rape babies and display so in front of people.

Then there are times where morality kicks in when you know someone didn’t do the right thing like the extremely impoverished and hungry stealing food to get by because they can’t get a decent job or a living to even earn a dollar to buy bread or knowing that your friend with an end stage terminal disease wants to take their life on their own terms. We all know stealing is something we aren’t supposed to do but what if that thief who stole your fresh baguette wanted to feed himself and his kid that he accidentally have went bankrupt so bad he and his child was forced to be homeless? What if your bestfriend had stage 4 bone cancer and couldn’t live a day more of constant and unending pain? Would you burden them the idea of morality? I personally would rather give the thief my baguette and try to be there for my bestfriend no matter what their choice is. I can’t further burden someone in severe strife just because what I think they do is wrong. They already know what they’re doing is not what most people would be against with but not a lot of people have an abundance of choices unlike my earlier examples.

As usual, I would like to know what you think since I haven’t been so much and I know I have a lot of catching up to do. But, as much as possible, we have to try to stay on topic and not get too carried away with fooling around. So, discuss away, Gorriors!

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85 thoughts on “Morality

  1. I found that most people if really need help feeding their family all they need to do is ask around and some one is always willing to help out, no need to steal but if that is the only way then don’t get caught. and if my friend was needing to end his or her life due to sickness then give them a way out by giving then a gun or pills and let them do it, no need to go to jail when you can help in that way. All others that steal, cheat, and murder out of greed, (like the dam rat jews) should be shot on site, that is my way of thinking

    • I think a lot of the time, in instances where someone steals to feed their family, it is pride that keeps them from asking for help. I think for some people it is easier to adjust their moral compass and steal when they normally wouldn’t rather than admit they are at a stage in their life where they can no longer support and feed the ones who rely on them most.

      • Good point, that’s a scary situation to be in. If your pride gets in the way, you’ll go away for stealing/robbery, and you’ll lose your family.
        Now you really can’t provide for them.
        Pride is stupid and evil.
        I’ll reference the Walking Dead here, Rick finally swallowed his pride and saved “Coral’s” arm and his entire group/family.
        My point is, sometimes it’s better to give in and accept the situation. Denial is bile.

  2. As someone who lives with bipolar disorder I definitely know that I have attributes of the sociopathic / psychopathic nature. Apart from my immediate family and a couple of friends I couldn’t care too much about others feelings or even their existence. This gets me in trouble a lot. I get into a lot of fights at work because I don’t treat customers very well. Safe to say retail is not my bag. I fantasise about killing a lot and I am very protective of my wife and kids. It wouldn’t take much for me to go postal on someone who hurt my family. I could torture and or kill someone without too much of a fuck I reckon. All the gore vids I have watched over the years have made me realise how many fucked up people exist out there and how the planet would be better off without them. If the purge was real then I’d gladly do my part to despatch as many pedo’s and sick fuckers I could.

    • Severe mental and neurological illnesses run very deep and wide in my family as I have a myriad of shit going on, mostly Bi-Polar, OCD, Panic Anxiety are just a few I’ll mention. I too once worked in retail, at first I was grateful for the job but when I made one fucked up decision after another I hated being there, during my final year there I was just absolutely miserable and let everyone there know it. I got involved with the wrong people which didn’t help, I owned my part as others’ just pled stupidity and shafted me anyway.

      Not to make this a script or anything but I just wanted to illustrate from my own experiences, so yeah. On an off topic, what is it with random new people who join this site and automatically think this is fucking E Harmony? Lol. I understand about being cordial and respectful but please stop trying to come off as creepy-not cool at all. Anyway, I’m done so thank you.

      • I see from your profile u joined two months ago. Funny. So did I. Guess that makes u a random new person too then does it?
        Wasn’t trying to be creepy cool just honest. If u feel I am not truly representative of myself then not much I can do about that. Would prefer you stop calling me out for merely participating, would hate for people to feel not welcome like they were over at BG. Thought this site was a welcoming one. So much for that. Back to being a lurker I suppose. Cheers for that.

        • @zenmonster1488
          I’m not entirely sure if that last part of the comment was directed at you. It seemed like it was just a general statement. Either way you have every right to state your opinion and thoughts. They’re always welcome so I hope you don’t go into lurk mode. I’ve been bad about paying attention to who’s joined so welcome to RGM if I haven’t said it already ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Reread the comment multiple times. Was pretty sure it was directed appropriately before responding. Not here to spread ill will. Would prefer if we forged a little community based on inclusion rather than exclusion where everyone’s opinions are valued or challenged in a way representative of some sort of common respect among gorriors. Thank you little foot for the greetings. I appreciate that.

        • @zenmonster1488 I believe AKJ was referring to that new member @loveuu, who sent out all of those private messages out yesterday to each member, asking for friendship or to possibly be best of friends and even dropped her email.
          That’s all it was man, he wasn’t calling you out, I’m very sure of that.

          • Hey I didn’t get no creepy friend quest from anyone, I feel left out now, or was it just for the guys here on RG? in that way its ok I’m no dyke

          • Like @re-pete said, I was referring to the loveu person who messaged me, which bothered me, so that’s why I even mentioned in the first place. Also, If I have an issue or bones to pick with someone, I’ll outright say so without the cryptics. I don’t attack random peeps at all, if I see something creepy I’m gonna say something as I hope you guys will too.

          • I got that message as well and I am a woman. Pretty confusing!
            Sorry to go off topic. I have a high level of morality and empathy that I show to the world. I also have a darker nature that I do not show to just anyone. I fantasize about ways to get even with people who piss me off or do me wrong. Also ways to poison or make someones death look like an accident. I never act on these thoughts but it makes me feel bad to even think this way. That I believe is the difference between an actual sociopath and a regular person that has anger. Sociopaths don’t feel any guilt about these feelings and often times act on it. I have also had dealings with people that are narcissistic to the point of putting their own needs in front of everyone including their ill children or other family member. They have suffered so much because their child is sick.

          • @nursewretched
            You’re very right, its those people that can’t show empathy or any guilt that worry me.
            Something always holds me back from doing something very wrong, but I’m sure sociopaths actually get some kind of rush out of it.
            I’m sure we’ve all thought of a way to….make somebody go away, but then I feel bad right after thinking it.
            I can’t stand this dog that goes on my yard to shit all the time, irresponsible owners, but I had that little shit right in my sights when driving up the street, I was going to run over him, but decided not to do the evil thing. I started to feel bad because I always say ” I’m gonna kill that dog,” but when the time comes and you’re actually in the situation when you can do it, I’ll start to feel bad for actually feeling that way and end up not doing it.
            I don’t feel that way about that little shit anymore, however, I would like to grab him and smear his face right in the shit that he left on my lawn ๐Ÿ™‚
            Just once!

  3. I also know that I have attributes of the sociopathic and psychopathic nature, besides my family and my friends, I can’t really feel other people’s emotions. If someone was severely ill and wanted to end their own life, then it’s their choice. Being sexually attracted to children IS a crime against nature,pedophiles don’t deserve to live,anyone who would hurt a child doesn’t deserve to live. I don’t understand why there are news websites saying that it’s ok to be a pedophile, Example: I’m a pedophile, but not a monster. it’s absolutely disgusting how they keep pushing it, the world and it’s morality is going to shit. There is no God.

    • I personally agree about pedos being sick bastards that deserve a slow death but not so many years ago the majority of people held the same view about homosexuals (ie.sick fuckers.. crime against nature…etc.) does that mean that one day pedophiles would be accepted in society?.. and thought of as individuals that are compelled to behave in a particular way through no fault of their own?…. Homosexuals are compelled to act in an un-natural sexual way just as are pedos are compelled to act un-naturally..yet nowadays Gays and Lesbians are celebrated in the media and promoted as cool….

      • @pestcontrol … You’re comparing apples to bricks! A pedophile preys on children that don’t have the mental capacity to consent or even know what’s really going on! Homosexuals are just attracted to to the same sex. It also wasn’t that long ago where homosexuals were sent to therapy (sometimes shock) to try to change their sexual preference and everyone knows that didn’t work because that is just the way they were born. It doesn’t matter how much therapy you sent me to it would never turn me into a pedophile or homosexual because I love women and that is my sexual preference! Pedophiles sexual preference are children and this is why they need to be executed as soon as they are discovered because no matter how much therapy you send them to you will never be able to change their sexual preference!

        • “Homosexuals are compelled to act in an un-natural sexual way just as are pedos are compelled to act un-naturally…”

          “Youโ€™re comparing apples to bricks! A pedophile preys on children that donโ€™t have the mental capacity to consent or even know whatโ€™s really going on! Homosexuals are just attracted to to the same sex…”


          Ummm… not trying to be a dick… but everybody knows homosexuality is the biggest oxymoronic word in the dictionary…

          Men secrete sperm for ONE reason and that is to reproduce HETEROSEXUALLY… not to masturbate in a man’s (or woman’s) anus or mouth…

          Which makes homosexuality unnatural…

          Believe it or not…

          • @Gnat So you don’t jerk off? Why do women have the ability to have an orgasm if they’re just a place to deposit sperm so they can pop out some babies? Is masturbating unnatural?

          • @yournextexgirl

            When I speak of “natural” I’m speaking about sex by nature…
            Everyone knows two animals of the same sex can’t have “sex”… as a definition… because it’s not reproduction…

            Does sperm exist to swim around in an intestine or the oral cavity or whatever?…

            Does an egg exist to… ummm… just be an egg?…

            Of course not…

            And… to answer your question… of course I do and it’s natural… but it’s not “sex”… it’s gratification… big difference… but to imply that’s even close to “homosexuality” would be absurd…

          • @gnat
            So it sounds like you do not receive oral sex then either. You say jerking off is for gratification. Sex between a man and a woman who have no intentions of reproducing is gratification. Sex between same sexes is also gratification. I don’t think there’s a single gay couple that has sex with the idea to reproduce. Just because the act doesn’t end in pregnancy doesn’t mean that it’s not natural because some people and animals are genetically wired for it.

          • @Gnat Don’t start that condescending bullshit. Have a mature conversation. People want to understand your views. I know how strongly you feel about homosexuality.. you’ve made that clear, but you fail to make any sense to me. Why do you even care what someone else does sexually? You don’t have to witness it. You and your wife could be using a strap-on during sex for all I know and I wouldn’t wanna see it but I wouldn’t judge it either. Do your strong beliefs about homosexuality come from a religious view? Or strictly personal?

          • @gnat
            Coming from the guy who has a history of resorting to childish name calling during a ‘debate’…yeah okay

            Bottom line is it’s gratification through sexual means whether it be by yourself or with another person. You said sperm has one purpose which is to reproduce and not to masturbate in someone’s mouth or anus…..but getting all crusty in a tissue or sock is okay I guess?

          • @yournextexgirl

            If you think I’m condescending because I disagree with you then so be it…

            And if you can’t get it that it takes a man and a woman to make babies and not test tubes than you’re lost…

            Oh yeah… asking me if I masturbate wasn’t condescending now… was it?…

          • @littlefoot

            Than why even try to talk to me if I’m gonna hurt your precious FEELING?…

            What happened to you?…

            What happened to the girl I used to joke around with or did you get too good for some people?…

            I never talked or thought bad about you but if you want to act like a child so be it…

          • I don’t get the unnatural part. Anal sex is anal sex lol girls and guys do it. Hell, even straight guys like shit up their anuses. Unless you’re referring to anal sex as unnatural and not the homosexuality itself.

            I shouldn’t have posted this reply here but, oh well lol it’s already here.

          • @gnat
            I’m disagreeing with your point of view and arguing my side. And I’m stating a fact that you have went back and forth with other members turning it into nothing but insults and completely lacking debate.

            What happened to me? Oh nothing much, just realized during rough times who the real friends were. Or did you forget the last message you sent to me and the shit you talked about us when we left that other place? I remember exactly who had my back, who stayed out of it and who turned their back on me. I have never once thought I was too good for anyone but don’t think I’m an idiot that didn’t see the shit you said on there.

          • @littlefoot

            Feel free to dig up old wounds…

            And who’s this “US” shit!?…

            Please… Talk your shit!!!.

            Don’t ‘Ska me sis…!

            I’M WAITING!…

          • @gnat
            Yes ‘us’ as in the people who originally left. You talked plenty of shit and kissed plenty of ass. You got involved in an argument that had nothing to do with you and instead of trusting your ‘friends’ and that they had good reason for it and just staying out of it you decided to jump right in to go against us. That was a nice slap in the face. You asked for proof of a certain someone’s psychotic views and I gave you proof and what did you do? You agreed with her and then when we were gone you talked shit and sucked up to the admin. That was your choice which is fine but please do not expect me to see you the way I used to.

          • “You talked plenty of shit and kissed plenty of ass…”


            “You asked for proof of a certain someoneโ€™s psychotic views and I gave you proof and what did you do? You agreed with her and then when we were gone you talked shit and sucked up to the admin.”

            Feel free to post them… PLEASE!!!…

            Oh my God!… Heaven forbid I disagree with @littlefoot!…



          • @gnat
            A simple look at the site and there’s plenty to see.

            Oh and you mean the PMs that were all deleted after ska got scared? So sorry I didn’t screenshot those in the short couple of hours before all of my messaging abilities were taken away. You know exactly what I’m talking about and it has nothing to do with disagreeing with me. If you can’t figure out what the real issue is then there’s no point in continuing this conversation. Interesting how you wholeheartedly agreed with the views over there yet now you’re over here.

          • @Gnat You are so condescending. You cannot have an intelligent debate about anything. Yet you’re still welcome here. Shows how different we are from the psycho cunt bitch you defended.

          • @yournextexgirl

            I defended “her”?…

            If you wanna know what I disagree with “her” about?… I can be here all day… but then again… I can say that about a lot of people…

            You will lose this argument…

            I’m not your enemy…

          • “Some people love to talk like theyโ€™re tough shit, they donโ€™t even realize how ridiculous they look…”


            Oh boo hoo hoo did I hurt your feeling again!…

            Grow the fuck up!…

            And don’t bother talking to me again and you won’t have to get your feeling hurt again…

            Now go back to your echo chamber…

          • One time Mr Wong go fish on boat and see 2 boy dolphin make sexy time. One dolphin make fuck with other dolphin right in blowhole. Mr Wong run to get camera but by time he come back dolphin already finished. Blow and go they call that one. Mr Wong remember he think it ironically funny how they call it blowhole.

  4. Kay ……………. The caption and your write up has come very well worded .. and at this point while I thought I must jot down as to how great my moralistic side is…….I for a while just paused and wondered …… if all of the 15,820 words you jotted down would make a difference and make ISIS a big humble lamb and have them stop with their barbarity and make this planet a better place to live . ………….I will have this dispatch posted right away for their entire breed ..but thanks anyway for your ever so enlightening thoughts cause with Morality by my side I can always see through the darkest dark as its one beacon that shines on no matter what and makes me feel like a good human that I always wanna be .

  5. Unfortunatelly the laws that assist with enforcing morality also works the other way arround when delivering justice. We cannot excempt from our morality when dealing with criminal scum, otherwise the law would fall on us… because apparently the law’s logic surrounds itself preventing us from becoming as bad as they are.

    โ€œBeware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.โ€ – Friedrich Nietzsche

    However, i do agree that they have no place on earth, and the logic of the quote itself should not be absolute. Some of us should be able to sacrifice their own morality for the sake of justice, and ironicly defending morality in the process. It would only be our choice to do so, and accept any mental consequence or regret that comes to us, IF it comes to us at all…

    The issue is in the law itself, as it is fixed, and not free… Its not controled by the people, its to protect them without their own concent or understanding… so no matter how willing one is to be the executioneers and “monsters” of rapists and pedophile’s, the law is blind to everyone and anyone… But since the law is blind, theres allways the possibility to twist it in our favor and legalize the terminations of pedophiles and rapists… but that wont happen because its still not seen as a severe case of violation of human values… and it wont be untill humans learns to value themselves seriously.

  6. Morality is subjective here. It’s a human construct – one that has a lot to do with environment. It also has a lot to with our laws rather than to do with just empathy. Empathy is just the face we use when we are confronted with our laws.

    For example, your brother or sister or daughter gets raped by a sick pedophile has a different perspective than those kids that’ve been raped by a pedophile that you don’t know. I would think ones own feelings would be different towards the former rather than the ladder, but they’re both basically pedophiles.

    They are those that are easily forgiven rather than acting on violence because their own laws and beliefs surround themselves with that. Let’s say you forgive those pedophilac men for raping your daughter on account that you believe it will get you saved from heaven, or get you out of jail.

    Alternatively if there were no laws to govern us, people would run amuck accusing each other for being a rapist pedophile of some sorts. In turn, more violence would insinuate. Just think of all those radical feminist calling you a sexist racist pig then stabbing you because of it. If there was no law to govern that injustice behavior, lets say 50 years from now more radicals would be doing just that.

    At the same time, ISIS or other Muslim fronts have laws that justify the art of killing rather than punishment for committing those barbarous acts. It’s all a matter of perspective on where the persons’ environment has shaped their personal feelings and behaviors.

    As I said before, morality is subjective. One that is shaped from environment and society. And it is within my own belief that if God was real, he would provide me with a victim. But, no miracles are happening for this guy.

  7. Then you have only one direction to take with your life …that direction is, to go out get yourself a shotgun and blow away as many pedophiles as you can before the cops get you …and that’s really the only thing you can do …as for the rest of us ,we’re not concerned with all that shit, in fect a pedophile never crosses my mind until I read something like this.. maybe I’m self-centered I don’t know… some people spend way too much time thinking about the crimes of everyone else …may the Lord condemn the pedophiles soul… as for me I’m not concerned with them, I don’t bother thinking about them at all… I don’t have children and all I’ve got to do is think about myself I don’t waste my time wondering what might have been or spend all hours hating everyone else I just do my thing and Shine the Light… There are way too many people out there wasting their time hating the forgiven

  8. Oh!!! So many responses. ๐Ÿ˜€

    American peopre make Kay happy but you much disappoint when you erect Trump because I fear to come America now because I hear he make grab by the pussy but I no want him do that because pussy is dinner it make good soup. That why American not good doctor. We arr know Asian master race that why rice is white.

    But seriously, though. Lemme catch up to you guys. I didn’t read stuff in here yet.

    • No worries, the world has plenty of pussy grabbers. Not just the one that just won. BTW did you hear that “grab life by the balls” has been ‘constitutionally amended to “grab life by the pussy” ? little glass ceiling breakin’ there. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • @staciejaxx – just now catching up on posts so bear with me.
      I wanted to put some of my thoughts on Trump out there. Yes, he’s said a lot of stupid things. The thing is that the media has been very one-sided. Hillary has been the one who has completely broken the law in terms of her emails and servers not even counting all the shady things going on with her foundation. She is the ultimate politician and I don’t trust her or her foundation. Trump is no angel and I know the rest of the world are worried about him being our president but the US obviously needs a change and he’s really our only hope.

      I know neither of them were ideal as president but it’s all we had to work with. If it all turns to shit at least we did something different by electing a non-politician. He’s a good businessman and hopefully will see the error of his ways (not holding my breath). I think both men and women say things behind closed doors that they wouldn’t want the opposite sex to know about. I watched a documentary on him that showed how he is with his family. They really do appear to love him and he shows a much softer and different side when he’s with them. Yet he’s a tough, egotistical businessman as well.

      I don’t know how things will turn out but I hope he:
      – repeals or completely reforms obamacare. It’s not what it appears to be and is hell on the working class.
      – doesn’t become another war monger. We have enough enemies thanks to our interference in other countries.
      – really does make a difference in the lives of the middle-low class. We’re the ones getting hit the hardest. Social welfare needs a huge reform. We shouldn’t be paying able bodied people to stay home and collect benefits. There needs to be some accountability and limit on giving lazy people everything.
      – doesn’t let any race of immigrants in for any reason without proper vetting. No paperwork, no welcome to the US.

      Those are just a few of my dreams for him as president. I’m not a strict conservative nor a strict liberal. There are good points on both sides. We all have different ideas on how people should act and what they should be allowed to do but for me it’s live and let live as long as you’re not hurting someone else physically or otherwise. I hope you can tell from the majority of my comments that I live by a strong moral code. I’m not a perfect person, I’ve done things I’m not proud of but I’ve also learned from most of my mistakes. (When I was 15-16 years old I had visions of doing away with my step-grandmother, who was cruel but also mentally ill. I would never have done it but I had the thought).
      I agree with your post. No mercy for pedos, certain kinds of killers or rapists. They are the lowest of the low and cannot be reformed.
      I enjoy the posts you and the others on this site write! Thanks for taking the time ?.

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