Mexican Couple and Teenager Snuffed Out

Mexican Couple and Teenager Snuffed Out

From Mexico. A man, woman and the woman’s 16-year-old sister were found murdered and dumped on the side of the road in an unknown location in Mexico. The two females were suffocated to death by having plastic bags wrapped around their heads whereas the man was done with a shot to the head. Speculation is that the murders were cartel related and that the man was the object of their ire. I imagine he was forced to watch the girls die slowly and then he was put out of his misery.

On the actions of the Cartel, many have issue with the killing due to “guilt by association” often times killing an entire family due to the actions of one person but this is a common practice. Not just in the Cartel, it’s actually documented historical practice from many eras and countries, to kill of an entire bloodline due to the actions of an individual. As I said, killing the whole family or at least immediate family is a way for the Cartel to make the point that you fucked up and everyone you love will suffer for your transgression. A Warning to those who may also choose to cross them. Sad but true.

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  1. That’s exactly how to handle things! Make the asshole watch EVERYONE else die first, then off em..though, personally, I would have tortured him slowly first, then I’d of killed him SLOOOOOWLY!..But that’s just me! And you already know how I feel about myself…Fuck fifi! ♡

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