Man Gives the Googily Eye After Being Shot

Man Gives the Googily Eye After Being Shot

A Man was murdered in Brazil (holy shit, no way!), by getting shot in the head. His brain was spilled onto the road in the middle of the day. Despite this, I’m sure nobody saw what happened… Anyway, his one eye pops out from the pressure of the bullet passing through his skull. No info on what may have sparked the man’s death. I like how the woman in the last picture is walking around the corpse like, “Dayum, you got knocked the fucked out!”.

Here’s looking at you, kid. And props to the Pink!

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23 thoughts on “Man Gives the Googily Eye After Being Shot

  1. Akimbo !!!! I liked the way the lady is shown to have walked past the guy who died of extreme winking and eyeing girls 10 years younger than his age .

    Now that eyeball is a ball bigger than the balls he had between his crotch and its plain stupid when you wanna wank your winnie not minding the public around ya ……….but he painted his deadself pretty well especia;ally when you say that he managed to do it all without the brush and the pallette .
    That was Some Artist …… guys

  2. @havohej – oddly enough eyeballs are very tough. I had to cut them open on a previous job to culture for bacteria. You need to have a good grip & even then the scalpel has to be positioned just so. They don’t explode like a over ripe grape, the surface reminded me of a reptile egg – tough and leathery.

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