Last Moments Of 14 Year Old Cancer Patient

Last Moments Of 14 Year Old Cancer Patient

This young girl is 14 year old Juliana Irina Carver of Manchester, MD. Juliana was diagnosed with stage 3 group 3 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma when she was just five years old. Rhabdomyosarcoma is where cancer cells form in the skeletal muscle cells. From age five to fourteen she fought cancer eight times, the eighth time being the last. Juliana died on October 24th of this year. These are the last moments of her life. Remember guys.. when you think you have it bad, someone else always has it worse.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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42 thoughts on “Last Moments Of 14 Year Old Cancer Patient

  1. And here I was feeling sorry for myself because my car got totaled on Monday. It was bad, but this is worse. As a pediatric home health nurse that works with a very medically fragile child, this really hit home for me.

    I’m glad she was able to die at home in settings that were familiar to her with her family by her side, rather than in a hospital alone with strangers. At least her suffering has ended. Hopefully she has found peace in the after life and is enjoying herself (depending on your personal beliefs) doing whatever it is that people do in there.

      • Other than a bruise on my ass and foot I’m ok lol. Ya it can be stressful at times, but my patient is usually in pretty stable condition. He gave me a scare though Monday morning when he threw up though! I’ve never seen him throw up before. He’s on a feeding tube so it doesn’t happen very often. His mom said he hasn’t thrown up since then though, so we’re hoping whatever was bothering him is gone. Most likely scenario is his tube is out of place again, so if he throws up again he’ll have to go back to get it fixed. He’s a tough kid though.

        I’ve never known anyone but him to sleep with their feet up by their face! Its pretty cute. The kid is a human pretzel lol.

    • @re-pete… You’re already all fucked up, Pete πŸ˜‰ . Your heart is overwhelmed by this video… Like me . Just admit it… You cried man tears for awhile. Like I did. It is very hard to see someone so young and innocent taking their last, gasping breaths of life, trying to hold on to their young life. @yournextexgirl pulled this one on us to make us think about these young, beautiful, innocent ones dying of cancer and other childhood diseases to make a point. Firstly, there are people out there with much bigger problems than most of us realize and take into consideration and secondly, that childhood cancer and all forms of cancer need to be eliminated… Somehow. If it was my child lying there, in the same situation, I don’t know if, or how, I could handle dealing with something like that. It would kill my soul, I think.

      • @theluvmuscle I’m not denying it man, of course I did. I’m only human and this could have happened to anyone in my family.
        It’s her struggle to breath and function that really breaks me. Losing your child has to be the worst feeling in the world.

  2. Fought 8 deadly battles in 9 years of war… she was a true warrior… πŸ˜€ At least her 9 years of continuous suffering have finally ended. Honestly it was predictable she had crossed that point of no return when she could no longer express words and her skin was damaged, the clock was runing short. Ohh well… They could have at least closed her eyes in the end though.

  3. My father died 2 years ago from 2 types of cancer. Lung cancer and bowel cancer. His final days were incredibly hard to deal with. I nursed him for the last day or so when he was failing and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with as an adult. I can’t watch this video as it’s too close to home but anyone dealing or helping someone deal with this insipid disease has their work cut out for them. It hit home to me how the end of life options we offer or don’t offer to the sick here lags behind the care we give our pets when their time is up. Fucking hate cancer so much.

  4. Amazing how much we joke around… when someone dies horribly in a car accident or some other way , even if they were completely innocent or just being stupid , this little girl didn’t do anything to deserve this kind of end to her life… No jokes here , not this time…(sigh)… and maybe I’m a pussy… but just this once I didn’t watch the video… I just couldn’t

  5. I’m gonna have to pass on viewing vid too….eesh,even with vid player down kind of a bummer seeing this shit. I used to see it almost regularly when I worked for a medical equipment company and I’d have to make repairs or deliveries to hospitals and on the children’s wing I’d see cutest little kids going through chemo. It is heartbreaking shit.
    Cancer sucks…older ya get,more ya hear of it,or know someone very close who will get a form of it…hell I myself or anyone of you have a good chance no matter how healthy you are.

  6. I laugh at people that use the excuse that “There is no God because something bad happened… so therefore that’s that…”

    Anyway… I’ve watched loved ones die slowly before… but I hope I never experience the death of any of my children or grandchildren… let alone watch said child die in a slow way as this sweet girl did…

    Heaven was made for souls like hers…

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