Riot During Visiting Hours Leaves Inmates Burned and Beheaded

Riot During Visiting Hours Leaves Inmates Burned and Beheaded

Twenty-five prisoners died during a riot sparked bewteen two gangs in the Agricultural Penitentiary of Monte Cristo on Sunday, October 16th in Boa Vista, Brazil. The riot took place during visiting hours, the perfect opportnity to cause a violent scene. Gang members broke down a barricade and did the usual song and dance of burning matresses to cause a commotion. The two rival gangs clashed and there were beheadings and stonings and burning all around. Must have been a hoot. No one actually escaped from the prison, they just fucked shit up. No word on whether any visiting relatives were injured or killed during the riot.

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12 thoughts on “Riot During Visiting Hours Leaves Inmates Burned and Beheaded

    • There’s less excitement at the dog pound. There was a story awhile back that L.A. County Sheriffs were beating visitors to the jail. Just another day in paradise.

    • What else is there time for in Brazilian prisons…? It’s more entertaining than TV. I heard they play ‘spin the bottle for “who’s Next”‘ In some of the harsher prisons. The loser gets to chose his grisly form of mutilation and death. Nothing easy, like ‘2 guys on a motorcycle death’ with a quick shot to the head unexpectedly.

  1. Back to the square one fucking hell with shit loads of hell let loose
    Just sat down to ponder over if visiting hours are as hellish as this then its not difficult imagining what revisiting hours are gonna be like .
    A couple of mugshots and there is one in between with a peach green shorts who died with a little bulge fantasizing all about taylor swift . …….
    and here is one if the jail wardens from brazilian prisons with a baton can answer as to where the fuck all that gel on their sleepy beheaded heads comes sitting on amidst all that bedlam.

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