Man Stabbed, Hacked, Slashed and Killed After Bar Fight

Man Stabbed, Hacked, Slashed and Killed After Bar Fight

Two men were involved in a fight in a bar in the town of Curva Grande, Brazil on October 16th, 2016. As things easily escalate where alcohol is involved, one of the men happened to be armed with a knife or machete and went to town on the victim. Hacking and slashing at him. Stabbing him and killing him, leaving him in a pool of blood. The killer fled but was later tracked to his residence with the help of witnesses. The killer confessed and surrendered to police without incident.

Props to @mrspink.

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45 thoughts on “Man Stabbed, Hacked, Slashed and Killed After Bar Fight

  1. From the Bar to the Grave ……………..
    not surprising when its Brazil ……………I would say the to safest bet to be hanging out in those bars would be to have a machete on person ……… and having it wielded every now and then up with every swig to the nearby boozards just in case where liquor pours in as easy as the blood .

    His Deathstare means he was still not quite happy with the billing part ..

    • Fuck wielding @blucon a machete in the bar. If everyone’s carrying a machete, I’ll choose to carry a shotgun or some other firearm. If guns aren’t allowed, then a mace or pike would do.

      • @theluvmuscle very well then
        lemme know which bar we are gonna be headed to
        As for choices you go with the mace or the pike of yours but for me the Machete is gonna do the trick ..afterall .that’s my concealed weapon of choice which at times is gonna show up wielded and another time back where it came from .
        but for sure a bunch of Brazilian boozards are gonna be really sorry for if they ever messed up with me ..

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