Husband Puts a Smile on His Wife’s Face

Husband Puts a Smile on His Wife's Face

Well, it’s really more of a derpy what-the-fuck-just-hit-me grin, but I digress. Our favorite country in the world comes through once again with this offering of a domestic dispute gone horribly wrong (or right depending on your view). Looks like the not-so-happy couple were having a dispute in the alley over where to plant the posies so Hubbie decided to plant that blade in his wife’s face instead. He’s then taken into custody where he does his best Rodney Dangerfield impression.

Props to the Pink!

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33 thoughts on “Husband Puts a Smile on His Wife’s Face

    • He finally got tired of the “how many times have I told you to put the toilet seat down after you take a leak!” rant. One million, seven hundred and fifty two times in 43 years of marriage made him just snap. And he was thinking all of those times, “why can’t you put it up after you finish peeing, eh?”
      Looks like her neck is almost finished healing. She’ll be ok in a couple hours.

  1. All of ya fucking fellas can ya just read the furrows on ma forehead ………..and thats what its all about . look I was telling this whore of mine to gimme a blowjob but instead she squeezed ma nuts off and seriously that’s what I butteressed her neck for ……….moreover she never foreplayed well and that’s one reason I thought she need to go so the next whore enters ma door ……………
    fuck yeah doesn’t matter I am still a saint in my whites and we oldies have a way with our burning desires .
    next is Deputy on my list .

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