Man Gets Chunk Ripped Out of His Side, Tiny Penis Makes An Appearance

Man Gets Chunk Ripped Out of His Side, Tiny Penis Makes An Appearance

I have no info on this but look at that fucking rip in his side. Impact must have been wicked, wish it was on camera. Anywho, the man involved not only suffered the agony of having a huge chunk ripped out of his side, but to add insult to injury, his tiny penis was also exposed to the entire world. Oh you poor bastard. Maybe death was a blessing in disguise.

Props to the Pink!

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45 thoughts on “Man Gets Chunk Ripped Out of His Side, Tiny Penis Makes An Appearance

  1. Glad to see you are online again! I was getting worried. I had wanted to see that post about the suicide forrest, and RGM was offline. I am fascinated with that forrest and would love to go there. I guess this guy has some shrinkage issues. But those underwear! Trying to be sexy with his little jalapeno pepper.

  2. How can he get an erection when he’s in so much pain? I will never understand these Portuguese Brazilians. Must have had something to do with the Spanish Inquisition. @Derkopfsammler would know more about this than I. It is standing up on its own and not limp, after all… Must be the extent of it then.

  3. How do we know that this isn’t a flat chested hermaphrodite with a huge clit?
    Is it just me, or does it look like it died with a big shit eating grin on it’s face and a winking eye? It must have really enjoyed the pain.

    I can imagine it’s last words were: “Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me.”
    And Goodbye Horses playing in the background.

  4. I feel sorry for the poor guy in a few ways. 1. The first one is pretty obvious by just looking at his pecker. 2. Whenever he had an erection he couldn’t hide it. For example if I happen to get…happy…I just tuck it in the waist of my pants and I’m covered, unless for some unlikely reason my shirt gets pulled up. 3. It would be extremely embarrassing pissing all in his pubes all the time. It seems like it would cause a wet spot if he didn’t dry himself. 4. He could never venture into a cold climate (for obvious reasons). Every guy, no matter how endowed, has 2 things happen to them….pool pecker (the weird thing it does while in a swimming pool) the goddamn thing sorta shrinks but points straight the fuck out in your swimming trunks?, and getting cold and doing the old scared turtle. The scared Turtle can happen for no apparent reason from time to time. These are problems for men with average to well above average equipment, I don’t even want to imagine what it was like for this poor fella.

  5. He couldn’t live through his sufferings and he is un to a different abode but much of the chunk of flesh that got torn and ripped apart … his prick seems all intact and staring at the public without any remorse laughingly to the body its attached to

    This goes to prove dicks always tend to outlive whatever the cause

    Gotta say ………..He was a man of some substantial Dick
    it looks more like a joystick up that groin ……lets just say …………………. its time the game …………….. grand trunk fuck gets played out …….. up until the next post looms up.

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