Thief Shot in the Face, Left Twitching in a Puddle of Piss

Thief Shot in the Face, Left Twitching in a Puddle of Piss

In Cariacica, state of Espírito Santo, Brazil, two men attemped to rob a man but were surprised when an armed civilian came along and opened fire, hitting one of the thieves square in the face and causing him to piss himself. He is shown laying there on the road in a piss puddle, twitching and barely conscious with a huge gaping wound where his mouth used to be. Seems to be some agonal breathing going on, might be a goner. Bystander kicks him in the leg saying, “hey…hey…”, like the asshole is going to respond.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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57 thoughts on “Thief Shot in the Face, Left Twitching in a Puddle of Piss

    • @ladybug
      May I be as kind as to suggest ? Most vides whom turn up here is also on that site, and if nothing new has been uploaded on RGM<3 lately there usually are a handfull of videos on there that the admins doesn't see the need to post on here. With that said most of the lovely and romantic videos end up on RGM, and It's really nice to see you guys back online. It was a tough few days =( Keep it up @obli !

      Edit; Why the hell didn’t the cameraman move up closer? I can barely see anything except some blood in the asshole’s face. How I hate some cameramen.. At-least he filmed though 🙂

        • @littlefoot @yournextexgirl

          Sorry my ladies, I had no idea that it was Mark whom had created this site, I actually thought it was another site with tons of gore. My sincere apologies! I’m still quite new to the episodes that has been going on between you guys as I’ve been a long-time lurker and never actually did any commenting. Feel free to delete my post, anything that doesn’t contain a truthfull reality should be wiped from RGM. Also, do feel free to enlighten me by posting some links/PM me what has been going on, in the few months of my commenting-career I’ve started to like this community quite a lot =)

          You should’ve warned me about this you bastard.

        • I’ve been banned from MedioGore but continue to creep on it to see if eventually they will have the balls to mention Rigoremortis. They don’t. I thought they did once but it was just a post letting people know that if they don’t care for Marky Mark’s racist, misogynist, fear-mongering agenda miscopy was a place where you can view gore without his shitty commentary even though that was yet another untruth. My advice is to not go there.

          Side note: on Mark’ the post that’s been here a while, Teacher Nearly Decapitated by Would-be Rapist just showed up and no offence to the author of that post but evidently the info you got was wrong. She was a prostitute in a motel with the wrong client and he killed her and took her shit. It’s all crystal clear in the Google Thai to English translation. Sarcasm. But if you have started to wonder if questioning the integrity of bsgore was really necessary I recommend you go read his take on what happened to an innocent woman and the comments that follow explicitly condoning the actions of the rapist. Problem solved.

          Rant over.

          • @thedudeabides I read all that. His info is always wrong. He always twists it some way to better serve his agenda. I honestly just read it to see all the new words he comes up with since he joined the MGTOW community. It’s like a kid trying to be popular at school so he uses all the latest lingo.

            And rigoremortis is a word that is banned there. So is my name, Obli’s and Little Foot’s. He’s a pussy. 🙄

          • @thedudeabides
            Not to burst your bubble but regarding the Thai woman that was nearly decapitated.. she was NOT a prostitute. She was a school teacher who lived next to a sicko that secretly fell in love with her. Please link a source to this where you claimed that she is a prostitute and don’t say BullshitGore. I’m actually fluent in Thai and I follow Thai news. She was a very nice, shy girl. Every women are prostitutes to that pencil dick cunt. Fuck him.

          • I like that. MedioGore. It makes a lot of sense. They should consider a drastic name change.n

            Miscopy sucks too. He just steals videos, writes a single sentence and posts them. I’ve had diarrhea that required more effort than that website.

        • @mrspink No worries my dear. I’m glad you reread and realized I was not serious. I have a dry sense of humour which often doesn’t come across in text.

          @yournextexgirl That’s why I check that site out too, it’s entertaining to listen to him blathering screed and using acronyms that require a self-victimized perspective to say with a straight face as well as the commenters calling everyone but their own crowd sheep while parroting everything Mark says (here’s lookin’ at you HaydolfHittler).

          And @staciejaxx, that is the most fitting analogy regarding Mark’s “journalism” yet.

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  2. Its nice that the guy wanted to keep the other from being robbed. But unless the guy was armed himself, shooting him in the face was a bit harsh. I’d go for the foot or leg, keep him immobile while the cops come. Or at least it would make him think twice next time.

  3. Oh there again are the famous pair of flip -flops showing up back on the scene .

    You get a shot to the face but being a thief its an utter disgrace when you hit the dirt piddling wetting your pants
    This one will need baby diapers the next time over whenever he decides to go theiving and ofcourse a feeder bottle
    I would say that’s a well taught lesson every theif must note .

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