Pit Bull Destroys Man’s Face and Drenches Room in Blood

Pit Bull Destroys Man Face and Drenches Room in Blood

Short video captures the aftermath of a pit bull attack. No info other than the fact that the victim was ripped apart by the animal. Other people in the room use chairs and a bicycle to get the dog away from the body. Unknown if the man was an intruder or the owner of the pit bull so it’s anybody’s guess. Pit bulls have unfortunately become niched as the “niggers” of the dog world and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of gray area where opinion of them is concerned. Seems you either love them or hate them. Some people love pit bulls to the point they refuse to believe they can do wrong, and others have an irrational fear/hatred condemning all of them as killers. Personally, I don’t really care for pit bulls, just not an attractive dog to me. My favorite is the one that held the title of killer dog before the pit bull took the mantle; the Rottweiler (don’t tell my cat I said that). But I digress, all dogs are different, each having their own unique personality just like human beings…

Do I even have to say that dog lovers now have the floor to gush about their furry companions?

Props to @mrspink.

SIDENOTE: All of us here at RGM are hardcore animal lovers, we all have pets and as a general rule of thumb we try to avoid posting anything involving animals that are dead or injured so video or images of animal abuse will not be posted if submitted to us (if that makes us pussies then I guess we are pussies)… but when they bring the gore, why not?

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79 thoughts on “Pit Bull Destroys Man’s Face and Drenches Room in Blood

  1. My family had a pit bull for awhile after I had left home but my little sisters were around 10 (they’re twins) and they loved that dog. She was very loyal and very gentle. So gentle, in fact, they named her Precious. As far as I know they never had a problem with her being aggressive or rebellious like some other pit bulls I’ve come across. I’ve honestly been attacked/bitten more often by small dogs and cats than rottweilers or pitbulls, and we did also have a Rottie named Chance for many years. He was just a normal loyal dog. He wasn’t crazy about cats tho. But he never once so much as growled at me. I think the way you raise them has a lot to do with there behavior as adult dogs, but I’ve also seen good dogs of all breeds just snap. They really do have their own personal temperament, and I guess dogs can have bad days too. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

  2. This is why I dont like dogs, because they can snap anytime. When I was younger my babysitters had two pit bulls and they didn’t harm anyone, except when the female gave birth t and I think she killed the dog that was the size of my hand for getting too close to her puppies. The male was just sweet and lazy. But it was my babysitters fault that it happened.

  3. I used to live in a town… magna Utah …where there were lots and lots of pitbulls and nobody ever fought them against each other …and not a single one of them ever got it up and killed anyone… it’s all about how you treat them while you’re raising them… not all pitbulls are murderously dangerous… it’s people who make them that way

  4. I have owned 2 Pits. They were both great dogs and loved to play and have fun. One was put down at age 5 for an advanced stage of cancer and was sweet and gentle to the very end, regardless of the pain she was in. It killed me to put down such a beautiful loyal dog!

    If you raise them to be aggressive, that is how they will respond.

  5. Gosh , here’s an idea!! How about never never never teaching your Pitbull how to play tug-of-war… oh oh oh !!! Here’s another one…. how about never slap fighting with your Pitbull just for fun…. people are stupid…. are these suggestions just a little too obvious???

  6. If any animal is abused long enough they will be mean and vile, even a poodle dog, if they are loved and treated with respect they are nice, but people are a whole different story, like some races are born to be vile and nasty ,, like all jews, and most blacks

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  7. Pitbulls are beautiful dogs… I just wish there wasn’t any of that terrier blood in them that… believe it or not… makes them high strung… it’s not the bulldog blood that makes them that way…

    I live with twenty dogs and my smallest one would eat this pitbull for lunch…

    But I’ve never… in my thirty years or so of breeding Neapolitan Mastiffs… experienced any aggressive behavior towards family and friends…
    Just like my grandfather and my father before me… I went out of my way to socialize my Neos when they were puppies…

    If you don’t socialize them properly and sell them to a customer… you might as well have given a loaded gun to a child… with the safety off…

    Shit in… shit out…

  8. Sick ’em Spike! Rip it’s fucking face off! Raaaawe! He’s just a big sweetie. He didn’t do anything wrong. He was just playing with his new chew toy. Who cares? It just happened to be a piece of shit bean bag. I’ve witnessed firsthand how those subhuman low lives treat their pets. Dogs just don’t attack without provocation. Fucking humans make them like this, through years of abuse. This thing got what it deserved. I would trust this dog more than any human on this planet. He’s my kind of puppy dog.

  9. I’m a fan of animals, particularly hounds and other dogs. I like cats enough to tolerate them and I don’t believe in animal cruelty by any means. However, I was raised on a cattle farm and I have seen several breeds of dogs that will kill the fuck out of livestock. I had a pit bull myself who was amazing, and never so much as growled at a person, but other animals were a different story. My dad was a big pit bull fan, and he had more than one just snap for no reason one day. I was lucky enough that my dog lived his 13 years without ever showing a tooth in the direction of a person and I cried my eyes out the day we had to put him down. I’m neutral on the subject of them, and I wouldn’t own one as long as I have small children because of the fact that if it ever did snap it would absolutely kill a child no problem. As much as I love my animals I don’t value the life of a pet over a person. My favorite dogs are Redbone coonhounds and bloodhounds. I have a 3 year old Redbone named cinnamon who is within a few months of being the same age as my daughter. Aside from Beagles, of which I have owned literally dozens, pretty much all of the mid to large sized hounds I have owned have been the most loyal and affectionate, though extremely stubborn, dogs I have ever been around. Beagles and Dachshunds can be territorial, noisy little ankle biters, but my big floppy eared red dog may blow out your eardrums with his loud bawling, but he’s just happy to see you and is begging to go hunting or for a swim. For that reason I am, and will always be, a huge fan of the bigger breads of hounds.

  10. Poor guy with his face eaten off. I wouldn’t want to live with no face. My little Lola is a Jack Russell, I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old. She’s 6 years old now, and so soppy and gentle, she’s never bitten anyone or shown aggression, but she’s always been treated kindly, as I don’t believe in hitting animals. If they get scared, that’s when they attack. Not sure what drives a Pit bull to attack, like this one though.

  11. We had a Rottweiler that we raised from a pup to be a great family dog, but she was always a little food aggressive. One day our 7 year old nephew plopped down to pet her while she was sleeping, and he startled her. She bit at his face – just a warning bite mind you- if she was serious she could have easily torn him apart as big as she was. But that alone was cause enough to require a couple of stitches which automatically triggered police involvement. She had to be quarantined and evalunated. Since she was now a proven dangerous dog because of a face bite, my choices provided by the police were to either put her down, or surrender her to a rehabilitation shelter that trains semi aggressive dogs to become service animals. We obviously chose the latter, but that was enough for me to ‘realize it’s not always a bad owner -sometimes dogs will be dogs. And what is a minor nick from a small breed, becomes more serious if it’s a large breed, even though the behavior is the same. Since then, I have adopted a rescue Pitt -technically a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and she is the most gentle, passive and tolerant dog I have ever seen. I’ve decided from now on any of my future dogs will be adult rescues that have a known behavioral history or in the case of my Staffy, had to be proven non aggressive (because of her breed) to humans, other animals, kids, food and dog toys.

  12. My neighbors across the street have a pit bull. She acts like she would tear your face off if she was able to get lose. They have 3 kids running around the yard and playing with her. I have a boxer mix that is very protective of house and family. I never have trusted or had a pitbull. I used to have 2 akitas and they were extremely protective. They were very large and intimidating as well.

  13. Back in the day dogs were bred for different jobs and qualities, not just attractiveness. Pit bulls are very loyal to their “pack” and often see outsiders as a threat. They’re very strong, and they are they type that doesn’t tend to let go. Then the more you struggle the more they do. They were used to protect. But sometimes they perceive threats where there aren’t any, and that can be very dangerous. Fortunately, through breeding it is possible to make these dogs less aggressive toward outsiders by breeding dogs that are naturally more docile. Unfortunately, many pit bull owners, like dog fighters and drug dealers do the exact opposite. Meanwhile, other pit bull owners who aren’t criminals just love their animals and see no need to change them. It’s a sad situation because many humans and dogs die and are killed because people can be so stubborn about things.

  14. From the video its not visible whose arse the pitbull is after
    but this one is a mean breed and will not stop at anything come what may .
    He is up against so many and any thwarting actions to ward him off mean to only annoy him further to a boiling point So actually these people in the video are worsening an already worsened situation slipped out of hand …………not even a good metal boot kick will shut him up .
    I think looking at his blood bathed face this one seems to have mauled someone real bad to a point of dsifigurement already and he is raring to go for more

    I just wanna know who let this dog out
    “woof-woof,” “woof-woof “woof-woof

  15. I look after all types of dogs in my job and have never met a pitt bull I wouldn’t cuddle! They are beautiful dogs who get a real bad rap due to owners ( mostly) if I pitt gets fresh with me at work I’m like dude NO, I get all the big dogs either because I’m great with them or my boss hates me….It’s the little ones you gotta watch out for tho. There is never a dog I wouldn’t want to go pet

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