Two People Wrecked After Taking Flight in Motorcycle Accident

Two People Wrecked After Taking Flight in Motorcycle Accident

Obli here with your morning traffic report:

Two people on a motorcycle were killed after they were sent flying into the air when a vehicle hit them. The man went under the other vehicle and was crushed. The woman was sent through the air and landed hard, I sincerely doubt a helmet would have done anything with the kind of internal damage that impact would have done to her. I’d be interested to see the autopsy for the damage caused internally.

I hope all of you had a safe and fun Halloween.

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20 thoughts on “Two People Wrecked After Taking Flight in Motorcycle Accident

  1. It actually looks like there was a break in the double yellow lines when he started to pass, but only for a short while then it goes back to double half way up the hill. That seems kinda dumb and obviously dangerous. I’m assuming wherever this is the double lines still mean do not pass. Regardless you should never pass on a hill. There’s no way of knowing what’s coming towards you.

  2. This is exactly why I move over a little for these speeding fuckheads, even though I’m not required to, but common sense keeps other people around you and yourself just a little bit safer.

    • @harumph Ha-ha Hiring better drivers than the dick in the video I hope. There was a story the other day here in SoCal, a private bus driver returning from a casino run hit the back of a big rig, 13 dead. He didn’t even touch the brakes. Driving for a living is a tough deal.

  3. @deathfetishfemale Yeah, that music is more annoying than the sounders they use for the traffic reports on the radio. And they make a lame joke for a car fire, car-b-que or for a ladder, couch, mattress in the roadway. So Obli gave the traffic report today, looks like it’s raining human bodies, ick!

  4. People are dead now, and for what? So this jackass could get somewhere two minutes faster?
    If the ass had slammed into a tree and killed himself I would’ve felt bad that one stupid mistake got him killed. But his or her stupid choice killed others, and that really pisses me off.

  5. It looks like the dumbass on the motorcycle zigged, when he should have zagged. Why the fuck would the biker go into oncoming traffic when the bike could have easily went onto the shoulder? Even if the bus stayed in the wrong lane, the motorcycle still would have hit the car the bus was passing. Technically, the bus driver and biker were both in the wrong.

    I have no pity for stupidity.

  6. What the fuck ? the bikers were unseen and it wasn’t until the duo were hit hard giving one of them wings in the air to reach for the skies and the other just cartwheeled ……. but both died any way .

    And what made the killer driver change lane seemed terribly insane as if he owned the entire stretch of road to himself and that in no way means he should be out again driving like a dumbass that he already is .
    I hope he had his vehicle and the papers impounded for good .

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