Two Men Mangled in Accident, One with Head Opened Up

Two Men Magled in Accident, One with Head Opened Up

Holy shit, the gore gods have heard our prayers and delivered us some carnage this evening (or morning). No info on exactly what happened here. I initially thought it was a bad road accident but upon closer inspection it looks more likely that it’s a good old fashioned Brazilian prison beat down. All we know for sure is that the one unfortunate soul had his fucking head opened up like a cantaloupe and all those insides went spilling into the outside. Brutal death but it shall not be in vain, forever immortalize here on RGM.

Props to the Pink.

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48 thoughts on “Two Men Mangled in Accident, One with Head Opened Up

  1. I think you guys are fucking with me! That other dead guy didn’t really move on his own, right? Doesn’t everyone see his arms and legs getting pulled by other people? Right? ?
    Quit screwing with my head! ?

  2. Right before the clip ends I think I saw a Brazilian Zombie eat a chunk of his flesh ……
    That’s the reason they say the Prison inmates in Brazil settle for nothing less than human meat to appease their voracious hunger ……..its luncheon time Baby !! and I have my own pangs of hunger I am off to a food joint where every servings are cannibalistic . BTW I need some sauce FIRST

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