Man in Hopsital with Savage Machete Wound

Man in Hopsital with Savage Machete Wound

Video shows a man lying in a hospital after having suffered grievous wounds inflicted by a machete. The most notable one being the huge gash on his face, opened it right up. Kinda wanna stick my finger in there… is that weird? Well, anyway, it’s pretty clear that someone wanted this guy dead but they didn’t succeed this time. I’m sure the attacker will get another chance though.

Nothing much else to say, another short but sweet video from the one and only @mrspink.

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27 thoughts on “Man in Hopsital with Savage Machete Wound

  1. This was in Brazil as expected. ๐Ÿ˜€ Theres nothing much to translate, just that the guy said “Im gonna die!…” and the nurse in the back replied “No you wont…”, he then said “Im gonna die… give me some water.”

    Dunno how is talking gonna make him feel less pain than he already has anyways… ๐Ÿ˜†

    • ???? @uniballer
      Sometimes they “grow” organs on other parts of the body! You ever seen how they grow a human ear on a mouse’s back? Well, here there growing a vag on the side of his head ???

  2. It isn’t too many times that you see lips at the front and another one to the side .
    Now he Bloody well can have that deep gash serve to be his another pair of lips so the dude can bite on his pizzas from one and some of the KFC foodies from the other .

    Bite on! Bite on ! its feels frigging Machete licking good
    The machete licked & dipped in deep through the nape of his neck
    but what the heck he is gonna stand up against his killers another time another place once again .

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