Aokigahara – Japan’s Forest of Suicides

Aokigahara - Japan's Forest of Suicides

Aokigahara, also known as Jukai, “The Sea of Trees”, is a forest at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Formed from volcanic rock and ash, the trees and rich soil create a beautiful landscape. But hidden within the unnatural quiet of the forest, is a darkness.

Back in Japans history, the local people practiced Ubasute, a tradition in which the old and sick were brought into the forest to die from exposure to the elements or starvation. The isolation, eerie silence and possibly the beauty of the place has some how turned it into a suicide hot spot. The modern popularity of the place becoming associated with death seems to have begun with a book called “Kuroi Jukai” (The Black Sea of Trees), which in short is a story about a jilted lover committing suicide in the forest.

Although the forest seems to have a kind of magnetic pool, if you will, one that attracts the forlorn. Here’s a tally of somewhat recent figures:

2002: 78 bodies
2003 : 105 bodies
2004: 108 bodies
2010: 54 bodies

By 2013 over 200 bodies had been removed from the forest. Japanese authorities try to keep from releasing the official tally of bodies each year in the fear of making the site even more popular. I’d say at this point, their concerns are nullified by the fact that even us foreigners know all about it. Routine search missions are common and usually performed by volunteers.

The most common method appears to be hanging but many have also been discovered in their tents dead from drug overdoses. They come out to camp in the woods and ultimately make the decision to kill themselves. I don’t really believe in ghosts, but I believe in an energy that exists in all things but if the traditional ghost does exist, then this has got to be one of the most haunted places on the earth. Needless to say, Nextie and myself plan to visit it one day.

Happy Halloween!

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37 thoughts on “Aokigahara – Japan’s Forest of Suicides

  1. I’m not one for traveling but if I could go anywhere in the world, it’d have to be Japan, the place looks fuckin awesome. I’d say the coolest places in Japan are the suicide forest and the cat island… what? I like cats. Japanese tv looks funny as fuck to. Also they don’t allow muslims into there country, I would’ve liked to go to Germany to if it weren’t for all those fucking muslim “refugees” flooding in by the millions.

  2. I’d love to go there one day. Or one night. Imagine walking through this forest at night. Definitely wouldn’t steal a skull. That’s totally not something I would do. Why on earth would you think I’d do that…

    Happy Halloween, gorriors! Today is our day, because today is all about death and darkness! And candy ??????

  3. Dark and eerie by the night and Bright and reassuring with the day light ………………that’s how the forests are ……….
    but this one has a genuinely wicked charm all of its own ……uniquely insane where people would wish of ending up dead after all those wild outings …… very riveting tales from the dark world
    I guess its more to do with those entire acres having had some evil grip upon it from the yonder till now but why the years after 2013 are seemingly silent is another haunting mystery …….???? will someone care to explain please

    Question is , why were the dead ones lay undisturbed till 2013 and will the forest will return to its serene calm or this forest will awaken up to see a more darker side to it , beginning 2017 ..or right after this post having gone abuzz??

    Wait a sec there is some rustle and I see someone walk past me putting a noose around and there is another one watching over and they seem to be the eyes from HELL ……….HELL O’YEAH why suddenly the wind around me is in a mood to whistle maniacally ………..there’s quicksand beneath my feet and it has me sinking ……….

    Aww fuck !! somebody told me , I have been dreaming nightmares everynight but that’s cool , when ya are face to face with the unknown . I am prepared for it but I am never gonna go up the noose let alone whisper the word SUICIDE

  4. This would be a nice place for me to pick up some clean skulls… 😀 Im sure i wouldnt have any problems with authority… i mean, the owners clearly didnt even wanted them in the first place… 😆

    But when visiting that place be careful of nature’s final call… or you might be next in the end of that rope. 🙂

  5. Thank God another article! Shit man, no offense guys, but I can’t handle dear babies still, so if your wicked lady evert disappears for awhile, you’ll know why now!
    Now this article@obli is right up my alley! Many a time I’ve wondered if the spirits or maybe just the atmosphere causes people to off themselves! I’ve heard of normal people, like youand nextie going in, to investigate, never come out. This place is known to cause others to kill, whither yourself or others, this place IS TO DIE FOR!!! Lolz! Happy hallows eve my fellow feathers! I hope you enjoy your wicked ladies day!! ❤

  6. Just as a side note, The United States equivalent is considered the Golden Gate Bridge. So many people commit suicide there that they actually post signs to “not kill yourself” (I’m paraphrasing here). Anyhow, great article @obli and hopefully everyone has a splendid mother fucking Halloween. I plan on watching the OG Texas Chainsaw Massacre and playing some DS3, Ashes of Ariandel.

  7. In reference to Ubasute, (abandoning an old woman), it’s also sometimes called Oyasute, (abandoning a parent).
    It sure as hell saves wasting valuable money on those wretched nursing homes, or as I like to call them, thanatoriums, (an establishment where people go to be killed, a place of death).
    I read about Aokigahara a couple years ago and thought it would be a splendid place to die.

  8. I’ve been to Japan (Tokyo, Sasebo, Misawa, and Yokosuka), Singapore, and Australia during my time in the military. Unfortunately I was too young to give a shit about the local culture. I just wanted to know where the nearest bar or club was at ?

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