Two People on a Motorcycle Mangled in Traffic Accident

Two People on a Motorcycle Mangled in Traffic Accident

Two people on a motorcycle were killed in a road accident on Saturday, October 15th, 2016 when they collided with a truck. The two were en route to Goiania – Aragoiania when they swerved into oncoming traffic, conveniently coming into the path of a truck which promptly ripped them into pieces and left them scattered on the road. Both victims received brutal crotch rips which caused their guts to spill out. I say two people instead of two men because despite the fact they both appear to be men, one has a very feminine purse and earring in their ear so it’s possible it was one of these “third gender” types I hear about… but, that’s a topic for another time.

Damn, guts ripped from crotch never gets old. Many thanks to @mrspink

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19 thoughts on “Two People on a Motorcycle Mangled in Traffic Accident

  1. I wager between the two of them the man was a Brazilian wannabe SUMO wrestler and talking about the purse that’s there for everyone to see next to the flat chested womanish kinda looking figure that’s SHE …….
    but the guy seemed good at swerves and was up to hood winking the traffic norms until that second when the oncoming truck said a big HELLO ……..and yawned away .

    Now a little of a Talk on hunger pangs & ; my best bet there is no need visiting PIZZA HUTS cause when hunger pangs strike just be by at Goiania – Aragoiania in Brazil and ya will have no worries buying your daily meals .the only thing ya got come decided as to whether ya want spaghettis/noodles/or just the wholesome Pizza ……………..BTW sauce ya gotta buy cause it ain’t served free .
    Atleast that helmet and the bike have turned out to be archival pieces of shit
    Sad but True but Its just the DEATH that keeps raining all over Brazil whatever the minute ..

  2. I don’t know, but I think the one with a purse is a woman. She kinda looks like these fat tube shaped mexicans I see around here.
    Now if her pants had torn more, this wouldn’t be a question. Or would it? Where’s the other fella’s pee pee?

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